Friday, December 12, 2014


It has been such a long long time since I have updated and posted on my blog, there is so much to write about and so many wonderful pictures that my story book is overflowing! Since beginning my blog in 2007 I have had the privilege of meeting amazing people that have touched my life in so many ways they will never understand. Pictures and a year of updates to come very soon! Hopefully when I get back to the office on Monday and my day has slowed down I can do some catching up. Christmas around the corner....and my halls are so decked...I can't wait to share! See you REAL SOON! hugs to you all...


Barb said...

Did I shame you into this? I hope so... I got a big smile on my face when I saw you posted. So many of our old-time blog friends are gone - you'll have to make some new ones. Have fun with the Grands.

Jackie said...

Hi to my sweeeeet friend, Linda!!!
Soooooo glad to see you back in blog land. Can't wait to see your photos and catch up with all that's been going on.
I know how it is about loving on those Grands. They are a gift from the Lord.
Sending you love and hugs, Linda.