Thursday, December 22, 2011


My hopes and prayers are for all my family and friends to have a joyous and safe Christmas holiday season.

Many blessings to everyone and here is to a happy and healthy NEW YEAR for 2012!







Thursday, December 15, 2011

A short visit

We left last Friday afternoon and headed up North for a short visit with the grandies.  You know…take gifts for Christmas and all.

Of course we didn’t get there until after 7 pm Friday night.  It is a 4 1/2 drive, longer if we stop to eat which we did.

The “little rascals”  knew…we were there to deliver presents so……the second we arrived the “little rascals” were begging us to let them open the presents.


Papa was tough on this one. LOL.  He left the gifts in the trunk of the car and wouldn’t budge.  He figured, once they were opened we might as well just get in the car and go home.  So he held out until Saturday.

It didn’t take long for each stack to be torn into.  I made it very clear that they were getting mostly clothes (per request) and just one little toy.

I think they were ok with that.  I hope they were ok with that.  I think soon, because they are getting older, the toy part will end.  I see pj’s in the future.  You know kids, when they get older the clothes that Oma picks out really are not their choice of wear.  I can get away with it for maybe another couple of years.

It has already ended with Madison, my 16 year old.  A long, long, long time ago LOL.

We had dinner in downtown Salt Lake, went to Temple Square and saw all the beautiful lights.  It was crowded.

And cold.dec2011b 032


dec2011b 035

The Nativity on the reflective pond is always such a special beautiful scene. 

There is a quiet reverence when walking around the Nativity.  The Nativity is life size and sits in the center of a shallow pond of water with  beautiful bubbles of lights that seem to float atop the water.  You can see why it is called the reflective pond…it is amazing!


dec2011b 044

dec2011b 028

 dec2011b 051 These pictures do nothing for what you eyes can see.  It is hard to wrap your mind around it actually.  Lights are discreetly started to be intertwined on every single branch beginning in August.



dec2011b 061

The organ pipes inside the famous Tabernacle on Temple Square are always a must to visit.  The hall was decorated  beautifully for Christmas.



dec2011b 071

This beautiful HUGE statue of Christ is a favorite visit for everyone.  Ryan was so sweet.  He just sat and starred.  He has been to the visitors center many times.  Even with all of the people shoulder to shoulder on a busy Saturday night, Ryan was so calm and I captured this pic of him.  He was deep in thought my Ryan.



dec2011b 075

He wanted to make sure that I saw the nail marks in the feet of Jesus.  Ryan actually  leaned up and kissed his foot.  It made me want to cry.  I just love the innocence of children and their sincere heart.  Wouldn’t we all love the chance to kiss the feet of our Savior! 

After our visit seeing the lights we took the Trolley and walked over to a restaurant to enjoy a delicious desert.  The day was done, the children were exhausted and so were the adults.  It was late by the time we returned home and the “little rascals” were put to bed.

Up early and on the road again back home.

We are staying home for Christmas.  I enjoy all my decorations. dec 09 022


dec 09 072





What are you doing?


dec 09 087 dec 09 079








It is always hard to put the Christmas decorations away once you get them up.1213111756b   I still have to shop for Santa.  It is hard to shop and get something that is a total surprise.  He hates that I do that.  I just can’t help myself.  I wanted to get him some warm slippers, but he wants a specific kind and like always I have waited until the last minute.  I hope to write again before Christmas with a special message.  Good intentions….I always have them….:)  Good thing I am not a drinker, I don’t think I have ever taken a picture of myself where my eyes were NOT bloodshot! ARGH, and NO I am not a photo shop person to erase those blurred red eyes.  It is was it is lol!  How did I ever raise my children without a cell phone???? that takes pictures too? Hope you are all getting your shopping done!  Me…I love to wait until the last second! hahaha, I mean HO, HO, HO! or NO, NO, NO!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jingle Bell Rock / Bobby Helms 1957

OK I know you all are singing along! TURN IT UP! You just can't resist!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It’s the “little things in life”…

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  I know I did!  It was busy from Wednesday night until Sunday at noon!

I didn’t go shopping.  I leave that to all the crazy people, including my children.

Papa and I just hung out and enjoyed “the little things in life”

Taking 5 grandies to the movies.  All of them with popcorn, candy and slushy in their little laps watching the “Muppets”.

Having pizza and hot dogs at Costco after the movie….(much cheaper than McDonalds).

Going to the park and riding the carousel (several times) and then letting them get soaking wet.  Thank goodness the weather was warm!  Even though the water was cold!


thanksgiving 2011 122

Striping them down and piling them in the car to take them home, get dry clothes on them and feed them again.

Going for a walk in “the wash” (they love it, it is where we tell them dinosaurs and wild animals hang out, it is a dirt road behind the houses in a river bed) making sure they get plenty wore out.



thanksgiving 2011 152

thanksgiving 2011 145

Getting them home again, bathed and on the floor watching a movie.

Papa and I  laughed about the day we had and totally know why we had children in our 20’s.



thanksgiving 2011 153

That was only on Black Friday!




thanksgiving 2011 156


Owen and Lauren were exhausted and once the tv was shut off, so did they!


thanksgiving 2011 054


It’s all about the

“little things in life”

that brings me so much happiness.


I have no idea what I did with Thanksgiving dinner pictures, but I did take a few of the feast…believe me…we had an abundance.

It was busy, crazy, and so much fun to have everyone around.

This may not be EXACTLY our feast, but it was pretty close! That’s me right in the middle of things and Papa right behind me, I think all the kids are out playing in the dirt.

For this I am grateful…for this I am blessed!

Let the Christmas hoop-la begin!