Thursday, May 31, 2012

Has it been that long?

Yes it has! And I am totally ashamed.  Not that I haven’t had anything happen lately because you know that MY life is full of surprises.  ALL the time! Well February flew by, and so did March, and come to think of it, I really don’t remember too much of anything, so that is a good thing right?  That means my life is just running along smoothly and I am coasting, sailing, you know all that stuff that sounds absolutely heavenly.  But the fact is, April came along and hubby had another birthday, we stopped “celebrating” a long time ago, you know the quiet dinner out and then maybe a movie.  Traveled to see little Lauren in her dance recital…ok you are just dying to see my precious Lauren aren’t you?owen, lauren may 2012 111

owen, lauren may 2012 064

owen, lauren may 2012 119

owen, lauren may 2012 063







Owen is such a ham he loves to have his picture taken.  And yes costumes are soooo expensive.  I felt sorry for the parents.  It is kind of ridiculous because they are worn only a couple of times for recital.  This is Lauren’s 3rd year dancing.  That is half her life since she will turn 6 in Sept!

My son had this HUGE tree stump dragged onto his front property and then planted bushes and trees and did a lot of landscaping that can’t be seen on these pics, but to get the real size of this tree Owen decided he wanted a photo shoot.

Me my camera and grandkids = lots and lots of pictures especially when they are willing and wanting to pose.  Sorry…but this kid is so precious…he will pose and pose for me….owen, lauren may 2012 030

Lauren has to be in the  mood, and Ryan, well let’s just say Ryan is always so busy on the computer, I can’t get him to turn around and say cheese!  And looking through all the pictures I took I could only find this one of Ry on the carousel when they came to visit….Ryan where are you!  He is getting so big and OLD now ya know 9 year olds are just to busy doing ‘other stuff”.

thanksgiving 2011 096

owen, lauren may 2012 141

Remember the sun, moon eclipse thing a few weeks ago, well I put my camera lens behind a special glass Bob had and got a couple of shots but they are not all that prize worthy, but looking through the glass with your naked eye was amazing!

owen, lauren may 2012 149

owen, lauren may 2012 146

Check this out….I just pointed my camera at the sun and pushed the button.  This is what I got.  It looks like an explosion behind my neighbors house!  Pretty cool huh?

Oh yeah, I was being all healthy and stuff and was riding my bike every day during my lunch hour (with a friend) and we decided to do this one route which would have been about an 8 mile trip.  Coming off of the bike trail into a city park I was ready to get off my bike and get a drink of water from the fountain and there was a hose, yeah I saw it and pretty much didn’t think anything of it, this probably wouldn’t happen to anyone else except me and hasn’t happened since, but my front tire just grazed the hose just right and flipped me off of my bike, I flew off to the side, of course trying to brace myself so I wouldn’t SMACK my face on the pavement, thus catching myself with my hands, knees and ribs!  YEP cracked a rib, (very sore) and fractured my left wrist!, then did a turtle ninja roll onto the lawn and the sprinklers came on.

YES all very comical, and in slow motion is VERY comical.  Just close your eyes and picture it ok.  Some jerks (city workers) were sitting on the park bench and said (clearing my throat) (put your mouth to the side) “Hey lady… ok?”

My friend was beside her self, and just starred at me….and asked if she could help me up.  NO…hell no…..I can get up myself… a minute….I just want to sit on the lawn and get soaking wet by these sprinklers cause I can’t move.

Then we got back on our bikes and went to Jack-in-the-box and had lunch.  Then rode another 2.5 miles back to work.

All in a days work my friends…………..I am WOMAN.   stupid woman but woman.  The next day after a very fitful nights sleep I decided I better get it checked out….YUUUUUUP! thus….

PURPLE CAST BABY! 6 weeks!  I was told it will start to smell and be all dirty and grimmy and my skin will flake, which it has already started to do, I am so lucky! First the splint then the cast…

Photo: after  42 years of raising  kids ... doing crazy and i mean crazy things raising my family..a stupid garden hose at a city park after a vigorous 5 mile ride with a friend on our lunch break just happened to slip under my front bike tire and...i dove off my bike landed on my rib broke my fall with my hands fracturing  my wrist rolled onto the park lawn..and just sat there while the sprinklers showered me! Some idiot parks maintenance worked said "you ok lady" ....(here's your sign) never once coming over to help me up.
60 sucks!

Photo: Well 4to 6 weeks thumbs up! Isn't this a pretty color? And no... They don't do water proof! Dang! If it starts to stink just spray Fe breeze on it!  hey honey what's for dinner? Ribs ... Just have to heal like the wrist. Oh well







I mean look at my hair…It is impossible for me to do it…I have to be so creative in the morning and you know….showering going through boxes and boxes of that awesome press and seal stuff.  Who wouldn’t want to be me right now?

My bike is retired for now.  Just leaned up against the wall in the training room here at work.  The weather has been really hot the last week.  When I get back from NC the cast will come off and I will be on my bike again trying to sweat off some of the extra pounds I will put on while visiting my girls cause you can’t go on vacation and not eat EVERYTHING that is horrible for you like home made caramel popcorn and maybe some fudge, and well you know….comfort food.

So my dear friends, if you don’t hear from me for a couple of weeks you know I am out and about have a blast…because that is what I do best!  I promise I won’t try to ignore you all so long.  I will have a lot of pics to post when I return…I will be reading your posts and hopefully keeping in touch with you that way.  Summer is so full of happenings…isn’t it!  Gotta love life to the fullest!

I am sure you all can’t wait for that part!