Friday, April 2, 2010

I was the fool….and having a little fun!

The kids didn’t fall for it.  I am getting sloppy in my old age I guess LOL, but I gave it a whirl anyway… and OH BTW, Huhoney said I should do it just for fun, just so that the kids would FREAK OUT when they come to see us….but he doesn’t realize I WOULD HAVE TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR every day LOL.  Men…what do they know?  I like my hair dark.

OH, just for fun I have been hiding Cadbury Carmel Eggs around the house for the past month.  These special yummy eggs only come around once a year and I LOAD up on them for Huhoney.  They are alright I guess…but he LOVES them!  They have been in all kinds of strange places, suite coat pockets, shoes, drawers, and the latest he hasn’t come across yet, but he will….

eggs 008

Huhoney never looks at my blog unless instructed to, and even then I have to pull it up for him.  He isn’t into the computer….so I am safe showing you the hiding in plain site places.

eggs 007


Mining for gold  is one thing but mining for gold eggs is another… plain sight..let’s see how long it takes for him to notice…



eggs 003

   The cabinet of the grandfather clock …plain sight…he winds the clock up every few days….I put this egg in here oh about a week ago!  I am surprised it didn’t bite him!


eggs 002

Huhoney loves real butter and the butter dish is getting low…so maybe tomorrow….this is at eye level…..not found yet….



eggs 005


This one, in a cabinet with all my dragons and wizards…this one…might be a little tricky, I may have to play the hot and cold game with him….




eggs 006

Huhoney walks through the hallway at least once a day…eye level here….on a wall of pictures, this is of his mama…she loved to go fishing!….





eggs 004

And last but not least…because I bought another 8 eggs today…but won’t hide them until after Easter because that is when we both are suppose to stop eating sugar stuff and soda pop…..yeah right, but I love to be the evil one and taunt him a bit with his favorite eggs.  But remember Easter is not all about chocolate eggs.  Happy Easter everyone!