Thursday, March 17, 2011

lucky me!

Today is a very special day, not only is it St. Patrick’s Day and Bob still very much around (you see he is a Leprechaun, and at the stroke of  midnight when it become March 17th, St. Patrick Day, Papa turns into his Leprechaun self and has until sunrise to keep his pot of gold safe!  It happens every year, or every year since our children were old enough to remember the story!  I never get to see it happen…everyone he loves gets sprinkled with some kind of magic Leprechaun dust to keep us safe and asleep, while he is busy keeping his pot of gold hidden and safe, it is quite a chore….once in a while a shiny gold coin from the pot gets dropped but it isn’t enough to cause any trouble.

The kiddies were always wide-eyed and had a hundred questions every year when this happened and he told his tales to them.

Now the grandies get to hear it all.  Madison was always a very firm believer in her Papa being a Leprechaun.  It got her into trouble at school at the tender age of 5 or 6.  Her teacher didn’t like her “making up” stories of her Papa being a Leprechaun.  (hehehehe) but it was all straightened out later that day when (daughter) called and told him to straighten it out once and for all!  So he did.  Madison got on the phone with her Papa and he told her the truth once and for all and not to confuse whatever her moma said or her teacher said, he was a Leprechaun and he would send her a piece of his gold to prove it and if her teacher wanted to talk to him she  could call him.  That’s how he straightened it out…..LOL

But…today……..yes today is a very special day because 2 of our grandies were born on this day!

Ryan Elliott Higgins turned 8 today!  WHOOOO HOOOO !

pics from home 1622  I think he was a couple of months old when he went on his first camping trip…such a sweet pea!




pics from home 1615

pics from home 1666







  pics from home 1617

I can’t even begin to tell you what a special blessing this little guy has been in our lives… he absolutely melts your heart…


pics from home 1718

I think there have been thousands of pictures taken of Ryan….this is one of my all time favorites….his very first “Fathers and Son’s” church outing….




We enjoy his imagination so much.  I think some of his story telling is inherited from his Papa and well his daddy too!




pics from home 1356






He loves his mommy so much and always has a smile for Oma’s camera

misc 122

Ryan has always been a deep thinker…very serious….and very funny and has such a beautiful smile….hugs and smooches all the time…


misc1008 079

Ryan LOVES animals and has a special gift…we call him the chicken whisperer….I wish I had a picture of him and his chickens….I am sure I have one somewhere!


June July 2010 321

He loves to swim, and splish splash and he LOVES his brother and sister and cousins.  Ryan has lot’s of friends….



pics from home 1721






June July 2010 208


Ryan is so smart…he understand and knows a lot more than most children…

You can’t get anything past this child…



We can’t wait to see you tomorrow!



We are blessed to have Kyler in our lives, he is such a happy little boy.  Kyler always has  such a sweet smile for you and always gives out hugs so freely!  I don’t have any baby pictures of Kyler, but  what I do have makes anyone who see’s his eyelashes ask WHY???

WHY do sweet little boys get to have such beautiful eyelashes?

pics from home 329

big brother can have fun


there isn’t a picture that I have taken where Kyler isn’t smiling!




xxx 024 Kyler doesn’t mind that he and his cousin Ryan have the same Birthday…



He is such a happy little boy…and such a good big brother!



higgins family pics 039


look at this sweet smile!




higgins family pics 089

Kyler loves to do things all little boys love to do….he climbs, chases lizards and rides his bike and plays real hard.  He gets dirty like all little boys do and doesn’t care one bit….

and he loves to swim in Oma’s pool, he even try’s to pull silly faces when you ask him to sit still for a picture.

Things that silly little boys like to do..


march 2010 misc 3 034

weekend 030




But most of all, Kyler will light up your life with his smile and big heart….



June July 2010 069




You light up our life!

April 10 005

to my 2 favorite 8 year olds!

love Oma and Papa…..