Wednesday, November 23, 2011


6 of my 8 turkeys (grandies)are coming for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Parents are also invited! 4 of them…that makes 12 of us altogether!

For this I am grateful, well actually we will report on that after tomorrow LOL.  I am sure it will be CRAZY.  Since my home is an OPEN area, I will be setting up an extra TURKEYS table for the 6 adorable turkey’s in the great room LOL.  It will be fun!

I am so grateful for my children, my husband, my friends, all of my extended family!

I am so grateful for a kind and lovingly Heavenly Father who watches over me each and every day and keeps us all safe in this crazy world.

Please say a special prayer for my granddaughter Madison.  june2011a 155 2 of her close and I say VERY close friends, Makayla Kee Woods who has spent tons of sleepovers at Madi’s home was a victim of the shooting in Pleasant Garden’s NC.  SO horrible.  Madi is so distraught and needs your prayers.



And last but not least…I am grateful for my blogger village friends.

Have a SAFE Thanksgiving should you travel.

lot’s of love…..1105111653a