Friday, December 18, 2009

Hats, hats, and more hats….

I haven’t felt very productive this Christmas.  I don’t know why because after laying these cutie pie hats out on a table, I have been productive, just not in the traditional sort of way and making all the candy I usually do.  Maybe this weekend.  My sisters daughter about a month or so ago mentioned she was going to crochet hats…well that gave me an idea and pretty soon one hat became A LOT OF HATS, three of which not shown already sold. ($7) YES I am crazy……after checking Target and Wal-Mart I am crazy, and these are sooo much more adorable!hats 002 now I can’t stop!  When I am sitting at night on the couch watching a little tv and relaxing, I have to be crocheting or I feel like I am wasting precious time doing nothing!  So this is what has been happening…I can usually do a hat a night.  Each one is a little different and although most of them are already spoken for, I am going to have to start making duplicates because I LOVE THEM ALL and don’t want to give them up! LOL CRAZY HUH!  so…if ever you are in need of a hat, just ask the HAT CRAZY LADY!  I think I will continue making them until I am completely SICK of doing so and maybe by next year…I will have like a HUNDRED of them.  Maybe I will make a little extra Christmas stash cash!

I love this white one, because the yarn is so soft and sparkly!

then there is the brown and peach another favorite and the white and purple and black and red and brown and pink!

The black and red is also a favorite but the last one I make for my teenage granddaughter the 2nd on of the last bunch is so cute! It looks red but it is a dark cranberry color. ummm so cute!

YES I have been busy I guess, now for the CANDY! another favorite thing to do!  I will have to blast the house with Christmas music on Saturday and get BUSY!