Thursday, August 20, 2009


Plain and simple (August 19th sunset)

If I were a sunset where would you find me?

Over the ocean, on the beach of Hawaii?

Would you find me on the Florida coast;

Or the high prairies of Colorado?

Maybe behind a light house on the shores of Maine;

Where ever you find me, I am never the same…

The United Kingdom is always a glow;

And French Riviera, romantic you know;

You might find me in a forest peeking gently through the grove;

I know you have seen me in Belgium’s Heaven bliss;

I have shown through the Netherlands and the tulips night time mist;

But one place you will find me, majestic and proud,

Quiet and peaceful, sometime soft, sometimes screaming loud;

In the eyes of a beholder, the heart mind and soul

Saint George, Utah where her stories are told.