Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The halls are decked the tree is up, Huhoney went way out of his way this year to bring back the sparkle that has been missing in the Higgins (Griswald's) house for the past 2 years. I use to call him “my Sparky” when we lived in the country. You could see our house from miles away because the sky would be lit up hehehe. He told me the other day that we actually had 7 THOUSAND lights on our house at one time folks. There may not be 7 thousand lights on this house, but there is always next year! YEP, “Sparky” knows how to light up my life! I have a feeling he misses it too, so Huhoney brought back the lights.dec 09 087 dec 09 028

I love my tree this year! We gave away our little 6 foot tree and replaced it with a 9 foot tree, then I HAD to go out and get MORE ornaments and filler and “stuff”! The tree was soooo….empty!

But it looks beautiful now, thanks to good ole “Michaels” and “Ti-Pan Trading”.

Huhoney went a hunting one day and found some OLD barn wood and built me a wonderful OLD looking manger to set my nativity in. I put little tiny lights in it and tiny bales of hay and now it looks, more like a nativity….dec 09 060 I just wish my camera could capture how pretty it really is, but each shot came out blurry. (sigh) I love the nativity I got several years ago from a book store, I have never had a nativity before, only as a child and it was a cut out paper nativity….

dec 09 066 See the wooden shepherd carrying the lamb, Camille brought me this back from Jerusalem when she studied there. I can’t wait to share my poem that I wrote. There is a great story behind the writing of it too.dec 09 067

I count my blessing EVERY DAY. I just LOVE this time of year.

The snow globes are on display, many Santa’s that I have collected over the years as well as my mother-in-laws Christmas village.

Snow men are my favorite! Well actually everything Christmas is my favorite! Nutcrackers, moose, and….

This silly ole gal who brings a smile on my face each year when I bring her out….dec 09 041

I have replaced the southwestern plates on the wall with Christmas plates and even set the table with the Christmas dishes that Camille (my daughter-in-law) gave me several years ago. Yes, my home is back to the home that brings smiles on visitors faces when they come a calling.

dec 09 053 dec 09 051

dec 09 027 dec 09 023

see how blurry my camera is at night, no matter what setting I put it on it will not take clear pics. Ya think it is the photographer? NAH! Even the cactus got a few lights. It will be interesting to see Huhoney take those lights off the cactus LOL.

dec 09 070 I found these beautiful crystal candle holders at Michael’s for 50% off. I think next week they will be putting up Valentines stuff, they are moving around all the Christmas things now…sad huh….but I will be there the day after to pick up pretty sparkly things for next year! To me it is better than BLACK FRIDAY!

Yes, I very much am into the true meaning of Christmas. It is just that I LOVE how the lights the music and pretty sparkly things make me feel. Isn’t that what it is about too? How we feel?