Thursday, March 18, 2010

The making of a snowman

We went up North to visit the “little rascals” last weekend.  We took Kyler with us to visit his cousins.  Although it was quick we did enjoy it….except for the weather….

march 2010 misc 004


We woke up Saturday morning to this…a bit of snow coming down.



march 2010 misc 015


My son got up and immediately started a fire in his stove to warm up the house…this is not good I thought, not good at all….I was thinking, “OH DEAR, looks like we are in for the long haul, the weatherman said it was suppose to be in the 50’s and PARTLY CLOUDY!!!! HELLO???  Notice the “SPRING” sign… wishful thinking….


march 2010 misc 017

Within 30 minutes even the volunteer fire dept truck was left abandoned, apparently they knew what was coming even if the weatherman didn’t!


march 2010 misc 019

It didn’t take long for the “little rascals” to bundle up and show Oma what fun it can be….yeah right………I didn’t bring any snow clothes,

I got rid of them when I moved to the desert.

march 2010 misc 026

It didn’t take long for little missy in the cute green snow suit to abandon the boys, and for the boys to start a snowball fight, good thing I was in the kitchen looking out the window at them…they have a pretty good arm!march 2010 misc 036

After a little coaching on how to make a snowball and begin the rolling process for a snowman, (I did actually do this when I was little even though I hated snow)

march 2010 misc 046


The 2 cousins Owen and Kyler began the ball rolling…..

8 inches of snow fell in less than 6 hours


march 2010 misc 047 

After several attempts of getting one ball on top of another and it falling apart….


march 2010 misc 048


The MASTER stepped in





march 2010 misc 058


Until it is just the right size…………then you



march 2010 misc 063

Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat to make it nice and flat on top and pat, pat, pat the sides to make it nice and stuck together before adding another piece of the body…


march 2010 misc 076


Look for just the right twigs and weeds for the hair and arms….



march 2010 misc 071

Be sure you have it just right…give him some eyes from coal, a carrot for his nose and add a scarf and wha---la---



march 2010 misc 083


Thanks Mikie, daddy and Uncle Mike for making such a fun snow day out of a what could have been a very dull Saturday!

march 2010 misc 088

Rosy cheeks warming up by the fire, warm hot chocolate waiting to sip on and a warm hug from OMA made this day a fun day.

march 2010 misc 104

march 2010 misc 106


Sunday always is a special day…don’t they clean up nicely!


march 2010 misc 103





Sweet Princess Lauren Olivia

(SIGH, big SIGH)





march 2010 misc 110


See you next week for the birthday party!

Love Oma…