Wednesday, July 15, 2009


OH LADIES- Thanks for the comments on the apple pie filling, acutally it was easy just time consuming...and Huhoney picked the rest of the apples...another bucket full...enough to make another batch! The neighbors will be getting a surprise on their porch! LOL

Several times a month while driving the 12 minutes to work 5.5 miles from home I catch a glimpse of a hot air balloon air bound! I tried actually to go on an adventurous balloon ride with Huhoney for his BD several years ago, but because of the winds, our surprise BD balloon ride was cancelled. I was so disappointed because

I even wrote a poem for him with the intent that he wouldn’t know what his BD surprise was until we arrived at the site to RIDE! (sigh) and so every time I see this balloon flying high in the sky over our sweet little town, I envy the people that are in the basket…and wish it were me and Huhoney. Someday, when I get the extra cash…I am going to surprise him…

I hear that you are at the mercy of the winds while floating lazily above. These balloons land where ever they can. Luckily the road where it landed closed 2 months ago for reconstruction! It just happens to be the road I take every day. Yes…I was taking pictures while I was driving…I know…shame shame shame..but you wouldn’t have gotten to see this amazing BALLOON!

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY (my contribution to Wednesday's poetry!)and I did it all in "W's"!

What would wonderful Wanda willingly whistle when wandering with willows willfully watching wherever we went? Well….whistling when wandering will wilt Wanda, would we willing watch? Well would we welcome Wanda’s whistle? Would watermelon, wafers, waffles wet Wanda’s whistle? When Wanda’s Warble woefully waged whistling wars, Wanda would waltz with Walter where waterfalls weathered wonderful winged Wallabies. What wondering words would welcome Wanda’s woe's?

HUGs Wanda, I hope you didn't take this personally, I just thought you name went well with Wordless Wednesday LOL hugs....