Thursday, May 7, 2009


Thanks to all who set me straight on the "Wicked" musical! and book! EVEN my daughter said she read the book a "LONG LONG LONG" time ago. Where have I been?

LIVING UNDER A ROCK? well there are a lot of rocks here in St. George, but none of which I am living under...

and I honestly do not believe that my head has been buried in the sand, contrary to what others may think! Maybe I just don't get out very much! SHELTERED that is what I would like to think....maybe I am just sheltered. HA HA HA. not hardly. But anyway....I am into the book, of which I think maybe a little sad! on a much happier note...look at these beauties!
the limit was 4, and Bob said that the first afternoon at the lake he and his friend caught about 18 fish, and had to keep throwing them back....hoping the next one would be just a little bit bigger. Well, the next morning they decided to finally keep 4 each. The fishing was real good! Beautiful Lake Trout!
UMMM Mother's Day fish fry sounds pretty good doesn't it! You are wondering what lake? Otter Creek Resevoir. That's where the big ones are folks....and shore fishing is excellent!