Friday, February 5, 2010

My Guy

(Written for Huhoney when I was 17(?) I think…MY GUY was in the Marine Corp. serving over sea’s during the Viet Nam war.  This is one of many love poems….

Valentines is so very near

A day that only comes once a year

And on this day you tell someone you love

That he is your guy and outshines stars above

So this is why I am sending this card to you

Just letting you know, I will always be true

And to wish upon this very day

That all love and happiness may come your way

But before I end, I  would like you to see

How much you’ve grown to mean to me

When the sun fades away, and bright stars fill the night

I wish that someday you’ll be holding me tight

but I find when I wish on my special star

That you aren’t really close

But only very far

Yet because of our love and my faith in you dear

I tingle with warmth and feel you are near

So if you ever get lonely, just open this card

And remember these thoughts came straight from my heart!


A silly little poem, you can tell was written by a smitten 17 year old girl.  I think I will keep this month going with the theme of “LOVE”.  Maybe share some of my love poems.  They get a little mushy!!!!! so if you are not into “LOVE” you had better head on over to a cooking post or something LOLOLOL.

SO with that said, Huhoney if you are reading this, I thought I would add 14 reasons why you are so special to me…with Valentines Day being on the 14th and all, even though there are more than 14….

pics from home 528


1.) You are always on top of things, and keep me grounded even when you are not always up to it….




pics from home 748


2.) You are my captain, never steering us in a wrong direction….





pics from home 1083



3.) You have a way of calming a wrestles child…….




July Annie w Nat and girls 002



4.) and making the child in you come out and play………………….






pics from home 190



5.) I love how handsome you are and really clean up nicely!!!






pics from home 182

6.) But continue to make me laugh and have fun with life even when you were dreading it!…….






May misc 098


7.) If you can help someone get out of a jam….or help someone eat cake… are the man to be counted on…..




May misc 026

8.) You always indulge me when I ask for a favor, and take me to fun plays and concerts even though you would probably rather be home watching the Discovery Channel….



candy 001


9.) I don’t remember you ever telling me “no” when I have asked for your help…….




Christmas 09 St. George new camera 043


10.)or you helping others…




Mike and dad dec 08 056


11.) It shows me the kind of man you are…and loving father you are….It just shows in your eyes….




The King and his Princess!



12.) and how your eyes look into the eyes of a princess……always being there, always caring….





pics from home 1228


13.) I am reminded ever so gently at times to just roll with it…..because it will all work itself out….





linda's eyes


14.)  I will ride through any storm with you… a little rain once in a while is good for the soul…




Bob Will you be my Valentine?