Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Have you ever just had a day, or should say a couple of days in a row where nothing goes as planned? From the time you get up out of bed and set your foot in the office, everything just goes different. Not wrong, but different? Well I am having those days, from feeling like dumber than a door nail to just wanting to walk out on everything and call it quits. Which would be entirely wrong to do because there are bills to pay. I use to think that life was so sweet and looking forward to the weekend was just...umm I can't explain it, I just looked forward to the weekends! Today I don't look forward to anything! YIKES! I am in a puddle getting splashed on feeling just dripping with muck and I just need a hand. Yeah one of those hands that are held out to you and pull you back up and a pat on the back saying, "every little things gonna be alright". It is a moment in time, I know, it too shall pass and I will have forgotten all the slop and muck I am feeling right now. I am wearing an adorable little shirt dress today with leggings and I felt so....pretty this morning. I have had nothing but stares all day long. Not one word of "wow cute dress Linda," so I am wondering if I really pulled it off! I am thinking I look silly and ridiculous in my new little outfit! Never felt this uncomfortable before. I am just going to hide away in my office today, run home tonight and put my pj's on and just chalk it up. Ya know, some days it rains and you just can't stop it.....tomorrow the sun will shine and I will be ok again.