Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yeah Yeah, I know....

So I know you didn't ask for it...but because this is for posterity and some day I will thank myself for doing this, I thought I had better put some of my PAST into this post. Hey, when you hit the big 57 you do what you have to do and hope you get away with it....and yes I do want to remember my stupid birthday....I think.
Bob and I went to Mikes in Erda and as soon as I walked into the house at 8:30 pm Owen jumped all over me and hugged me and kissed me and told me how much he missed me and could we please Oma light the cake on fire and eat it? So that is what we did. They were all so excited that it was my BD or so they thought that we "ate cake" right then and there before I could even go to the bathroom! so dang cute. We spent the day with the kids on Saturday and Mike and Camille took Bob and I out to eat at Market Street Grill (I think) umm such a yummy dinner.
He said "mom you have got to try the latest and greatest steak, the BEST steak I have ever eaten, (you have to know when Mike says "the best" of anything, you had better believe it (family joke)) and it was a wonderful dinner! Dessert was yummy too! Then on Sunday Owen was "spotlighted" in Primary.
He has got to be the cutest dang cowboy I have ever seen in my life. He was so ever PROUD! I was sitting next to him in his little Primary seat on the front row and they started talking all about the "person" they were spotlighting and what he liked and when they said, "and this person loves to wear his cowboy boots all the time, and he loves to rope cows" Owen looked up at me and with great big eyes said, "I like to do that too Oma" so when they called his name he was soooo dang cute and all beaming! OH to be that innocent! So on the following Sunday, I got to "eat cake" again when Brad and his family came over.

Of course Kyler loved the idea of blowing out the candles too! Oh yeah, where was I???? umm, I woke up Monday morning (the 9th) and went to work, on the way I had to stop and take this beautiful shot of the valley of St. George...
and just like every birthday, it was cloudy, overcast, and COLD. (did I mention I have always hated my BD, because of the weather? EWWW I look OLD in these pics...., the main reason I am blogging this is because of the grandkids ya know....who cares that I TURNED 57 AND I AM ALMOST 60 AND BLIND, HUNCHED OVER WITH PAIN IN MY HIPS, OVER PONCHED (belly fat) AND MY DOCTOR TOLD ME I HAD BETTER SHAPE UP! ARGH blah blah blah, boo hoo...., I love my life! oh yes, on Monday (see where the mind goes at 57 from one point to another) my sweet darling adorable hubby took me to my favorite place to eat on my BD "Samauri 21"
umm we had my favorite...a couple of sushi rolls, soup, deep fried veggies, and I pigged out. My sweet hubby loves me in spite of my double chin, ponchy tummy, love handles, and all my other squishy parts....(sigh)and so do my grandbabies, so there! and that my friends...is THE END of this story...I love 57, it is great place to be right now!