Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TIME! Never enough of it!

I never have enough time to do what I want to do! I know that I am blessed to have this job in these days. I shouldn't complain....BUT....I want to complain! COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN. There, I said it. I want to take the summer off! I want to work for the school district so I can take the summer off! I want...I want...I want....

I am sounding like my children

Like my spoiled children when they were little rascals

I am spoiled and shouldn't be stomping my feet right now....

Because I really am blessed......

Boy that felt good!

My daughter from North Carolina will be here tomorrow (today because I am posting on Wednesday) with her 2 beautiful girls. I am so happy! I can't wait to see them. We visited in December remember? The story about the King and Queen and their adventure? Yes those Princesses are coming. And I am going to spoil them. I will have to WORK at this job I AM BLESSED WITH...while they are here for 3 weeks (I have to say it out loud to convince myself) but I will be going home each night to the girls.

This Friday is the 24th of July. In Utah it is a day off. It is called "Pioneer Day". A day of celebration when the Pioneers settled in the Salt Lake Valley. There is a VERY BIG parade that day in Salt Lake. I think I was once told it is the 3rd largest parade in the Nation! http://www.sltrib.com/themix/ci_12868186 So, I will have an extra day off with the girls! I will be taking lots of pictures and of course you all will be very sick and tired of my posts about THE GIRLS THIS AND THE GIRLS THAT AND THEY DID THIS AND THAT AND MY BEAUTIFUL GRANDDAUGHTERS DID THIS AND ARE SO SMART AND AND AND AND. So if you choose to not read my post, I will totally understand because I am journal-ling for posterity! lol.

We visited the "other" grandchildren over the weekend. It was fun to see them since our Alaskan vacation together. Although the drive is 4 hours, it goes by quickly. The "village" they live in is called "ERDA". It means "good earth". So I was told. They have a parade and ERDA DAYS each year. The community puts it together. (totally hokie and red-neck LOL) but it is fun for the kids. Of course our little munchkins
were a part of it. Owen was the driver (the 3 yr. old) If I could figure out the collage or mosaic picture thing it would be so much easier to post the pics. Lauren was the candy thrower and so was Ryan a candy thrower. Below you will see a few of the pics of the parade. You have to understand, this is by no means a huge parade, just a home town little thing. I saw a lot of the old neighbors and visited with old friends. It was fun. It was big enough (30 mins) that the local cycle police closed down a main drag for the parade which went about 1/2 mile! It was hot and windy on Saturday and after the days events we had a fun water fight. Yeah, I played along and got WET. Mike (my son) is an awesome sport, who loves his children to death and got in on the water fun too. We of course let the little ones think they were in control. I was very smart in getting water guns to start the fight with!

Ryan decided that this grasshopper needed a ride to the parade in my car....but I forgot he had the darn thing, now I can't find it....probably still in my car! and will jump on me when I am driving to work some morning!

there were many more fun parade pics but the highlight of the day was the water fight at my sons home. We let the little rascals take control and soak us. Even Huhoney was a good sport. Owen thought he was sneaking up on Papa....hehehe
We ended with Mike and Owen blasting it out...you know who won don't you? What a wonderul Saturday!
And this is my long WINDED WORDLESS WEDNESDAY...not sure when I will be posting again..probably on Monday because I will be sooo busy...but I will be checking in with the villagers at night when all is quiet and everyone is in bed....

looks like my video will not upload! darn!