Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thanks for the memories ?…….

A little strange to be thankful for memories that were a little…I should say bitter sweet.

So I am done, done with the 28 radiation treatments.  Along the way I met new friends.  linda feb 25 004 Some I might see in the grocery store, or while I am having lunch somewhere.  Some who have traveled here to do treatments and I may never come across again.

Each one of them had a story.  I didn’t know everyone’s story.  Somehow I felt it was theirs to share if they choose to.  Some had come before me and many will come after I have left.  Richard has 4 more to go and his wife Joy was there with him every day always smiling, the two them always laughing.  Thank  you for the yummy treat for my graduation Richard and Joy!  I felt very blessed.  I was one of the fortunate patients that was not battling cancer.  I didn’t feel like my story was much in comparison to others.  But none the less…..I was still there fighting my own little battle.

So here is the meme part.  Fatigue, sore throat, hard time swallowing, sensitive taste buds, no taste buds, sores in my mouth, dry mouth, VERY dry mouth, ear ache, sensitive ear, burning skin, some hair loss, but not enough to really complain about…and of course feeling sorry for myself.

linda feb 24 001 linda feb 24 006

I have had great support throughout this whole ordeal.

#1 supporter………HUHONEY, thanks for taking such good care of me, even though I was….well, not always in the best of moods or very helpful around the house.  This was probably harder on you than it was me.

linda feb 24 010

linda feb 25 012



This is on the door….



linda feb 25 011



this is the door…. pretty amazing huh.  Walls are concrete and led lined.


linda feb 25 013

linda feb 25 014





This is control central, behind this wall is where all the action happens.  From here is where they monitored me, watch me and program RADA, tell her how much radiation and where to point it.

linda feb 25 007



this is RADA…



Good bye RADA…

linda feb 25 008


I almost look like I am ready to do a little “fencing” LOL  This is me holding “the mask”



linda feb 25 010

The sweet  “Radiologist’s” who took very good care of me.  Thanks Jenn…for putting up with  my mood swings every day.  We will have lunch…I promise.


Special thanks to all the hospital staff who were always there with smiles to cheer me on….

and of course thanks to all of you who are reading this, for your special prayers in my behalf.

My Certificate of Recognition of Completion of

Radiation Treatment

linda feb 25 015