Friday, February 19, 2010

Red Rose (and other stuff)



A single red rose was left at my door

I don’t know where it came from…or who it was for!

It was wrapped in pink tissue

With a red ribbon gently tied

I saw no note or tag about it

So within myself I sighed

I’ve heard that a red rose will always bring joy

especially if that rose did come from a boy!

That day and night I wondered who had left the rose that way

Only to wake and find another at my door, the very next day.

It’s strange you see, but it’s happened again;

for ten days have passed, now 12 I’ve gathered in.

Yes it’s mysterious, this I know

But actually it’s mystery doesn’t bother me so

For each rose has brought me such joy

Could it be true, that they have actually come from a boy?

(I wrote this little poem when I was in the 8th grade, and no, I didn’t get any roses. LOL  I think I have always been in love with love and the thought of it and every little thing that goes along with it….roses have always been my favorite flower.  I think it may just have been puppy love and wishful thinking on my part when I wrote this silly poem.  OH pitter patter of the heart!) (SIGH)

Since I last posted, I was visited by the “little rascals”, Huhoney and I took them into the desert to see the dinosaur tracks, 

feb 2010 misc 018

visit the wild west fort,  had a picnic in the desert  (the rascals loved that in the back of Papa’s pick-up)  …



feb 2010 misc 008


Tried desperately to catch a lizard…




feb 2010 misc 014


Posed for a couple of pics because Oma said say cheese!


feb 2010 misc 016





feb 2010 misc 021


Little miss smarty pants drove Papa’s truck and boy did she think she was Princess for the day….and she was….Papa said she drives like all women…..never watches the road!  Good thing there was a LOT of desert road!

feb 2010 misc 024


Dug for dinosaur teeth and bones….



feb 2010 misc 022



looked for gold (didn’t find any)


feb 2010 misc 034 feb 2010 misc 033

gave double bubble baths,

feb 2010 misc 052


Played at the playground





kinlee 10 days



Kissed an adorable chunky monkey’s neck…..




feb 2010 misc 072 feb 2010 misc 071

Papa wound up big brother and then on cue……we left! LOL

It is so awesome being a grandparent and getting away with, well just about everything!

Well tomorrow (Saturday) I am going with one of my BFF’s to Vegas to do a little shopping…..Spring is around the corner and I don’t have a thing to wear………hahahahahaha

Next week….4 more days with RADA then I am DONE!