Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good morning sunshine!

The “Little Rascals” came this past weekend while my son went to a “geek” electronics convention  in Las Vegas.  His friend had tickets so Mike, Camille and friend drove down to St. George on Thursday, dropped the “rascals” off on Thursday night and headed to Vegas.

My husband is such a good sport…either that or crazy, probably both, but he would never say no to me…so he watched the “rascals” on Friday, (while I was at work) then  brought them to my office so we could have lunch together, after lunch I went back to work and Huh-honey took the “Little Rascals” to the playground at the park.  This helped to take in some of the day and wear them out (a little)(actually he was the one worn out). When I got home it was dinner time, bath and jammies, it had been a busy day for them.   It didn’t take them long to fall asleep.

We had a great couple of days together.  It was short but sweet.  Mike, Camille and family friend returned to our home Saturday evening.  The “rascals” didn’t get in bed until after 9:30 …. they needed to leave our home by  8 am.    Camille had a Sunday School class to teach and needed to be home before 1pm.  It is normally a 4 1/2 drive so they needed an early start.

Lauren was up at right after 7 am and I was waiting for her on the sofa.  She immediately announced she was “starving” so I quickly fixed her some cereal…

As we were sitting at the kitchen table the sun was starting to come up and the sky had a beautiful orange hue with blue background.  scenary 003

Lauren:  “Look at the sunshine  waking up this morning Oma!  It’s like giving us a hug…..It’s like a breath and light”….

“Right Oma?”

(sigh…..BIG sigh)

Me:  “Right princess”……….

From the mouth of babes….it keeps me in perspective….

This is why I miss them so much

jan2011 029






jan2011 004







jan2011 002

Lauren and Bob

she is still small enough to be held…



I am glad they live within driving distance…

jan2011 024

My “Little Rascals”