Thursday, May 13, 2010

I had an idea….

For a long time I have wanted to do something different in my office.  I wanted it to look more like a cozy place to go and turn on a light and pull a book off the shelf to curl up with and read for a while, instead of reading in bed.  Ever since I had Huhoney build shadow boxes for my family pics april 2010 # 136 I came up with an idea for the same thing but on a much bigger scale.  Getting rid of the traditional book case, (which will serve nicely in the guest bedroom) and do something different.  I love it….just love it!  The room isn’t quite finished, Huhoney will be making a few more of these beautiful boxes to go above the doors, I have lots of books to fill them.

april 2010 # 114

It started out with bead board…




april 2010 # 116


then painting the bead board in different colors to give the shadow boxes some depth and shade


april 2010 # 113


  here are the boxes, nicely cut mitered and heavy duty.  Stained the same color as all the doors and casings in the house….


april 2010 # 109


each box was secured to the back of the shadow boxes.  These boxes are very heavy so they also needed to be screwed together onto the wall.

april 2010 # 122


I had the bead board angled differently on each shadow box…



april 2010 # 129


before the project began there was a very plain wall, I just never found the right picture to hang in there.





april 2010 # 144


The kitchen table served as a temporary place to stack some of my books.



april 2010 # 141


I can’t believe how much work was involved…just for little ole me and my crazy ideas!  But I think Huhoney was having a good time…he loves to build things…he is so good at it..after all he built our house with his own 2 hands!  He is very handy to have around hehehehe.

april 2010 # 131

I don’t think there is much I can do with my desk so it will just have to remain where it is..



april 2010 # 147

don’t you just love the colors!  These are 9 ft ceilings in this room, so I had plenty of space to do a little extra with the top…oh Huhoney let’s add…….


april 2010 # 176


a shelf above the book cases.  “OK” no problem! Don’t you just love how the books are displayed in a non-traditional way!


april 2010 # 182


I happened across this table at an estate sale.  It was $50 and I thought I got it for a good price.  It was in perfect shape and had a place for all my snow globes.  I turned the door opening to the back so that the little ones won’t get into it….just a precaution!  I am looking for just the right lamp…I don’t  like this one…


 april 2010 # 128before and after……..

april 2010 # 181



oh BTW every door and trim in this house was stained with my little ole hands!  It took me a month!


april 2010 # 153

this is looking into the family room, just right of the new wall.  Shadow boxes will go above this area too…I will need a ladder for this one! hehe, Huhoney actually said, I think I can come up with something….I can’t wait to see!

Thank you Huhoney for making our home so beautiful, I know it is a lot of work and you do it because you love me…..

I love you too!