Friday, April 30, 2010

A silly story….

When our grand daughter Madi was 7, Huhoney and I took a trip to Maryland to babysit while her mommy and daddy went on a cruise.  So we decided to take a trip to Virginia and a historic town, we knew it was a 4 hour trip each way but we were up to the beautiful scenic drive.  I decided in order to keep this 7 year old entertained I would make up a story along the way, using a note pad, pencil, and lots of imagination.  The only rule was, we had to use the alphabet, and we couldn’t  skip around the alphabet it had to be done in order.  We could use any road sign or billboard we saw.  This is what we came up with, and a few of you may find it amusing because you may recognize some words.

(A)-Auto, air  (B)-barber, Bud’s creek, Bowling, (C)-city, Capt. Billy’s, Crab, Cakes (D)-detour, (E)-education, (F)-friendship, fairgournd, (G)-green, golf, gateway, (H)-Hamilton, Horne’s, (I)-ice, (J)-jewlers, (K)-kisses, koolaid, (L)-Lorendo’s, land, (M)-moose, miles, (N)-not, next, (O)-old, off, (P)-Popey’s, playmate, point, (Q)-quality, (R)-rips, (S)-speed, sale, stagecoach, south, side, sheriff, (T)-town, twizzlers, thunderbird, Tarzan (U)-unusual, (V)-Verizon, (W)-Waldorf, way warning, welcome, (X)-x-tra, Y-yield, (Z)-zebra.

Now that you have the alphabet and the words that were gathered along the way, and believe me…it took 4 hours to get all of these words, we would go miles and miles sometimes without seeing a billboard or sign and especially when the next letter was an X or Q!  Even Papa got involved and sometimes all 3 of us would shout out a word, hence the letters with more than one word….

Bare with me on this ok……….this is fun……………here is the story…

ROAD TRIP TO ADVENTURE (one silly story)

As we were driving along Poppy noticed the auto air on.  “Oh my goodness” said Poppy, “We have to go the BARBERbarber

  over at BUD’S Creek BOWLING,


  but before we get to the CITY CAPTAIN Billy’s crab cakes are going to set us back to a DETOUR! detour sign  But don’t worry” said Poppy, “because we are getting an EDUCATION as soon as we go through the ENTRANCE.  I am sure we will see lot’s of FRIENDSHIP along the way, as we pass by the FAIRGROUNDS”.  We saw GREEN grass and people playing GOLF over by the GATEWAY.  Mr. HAMILTON had big HORN’S on his head.  We also saw ICE on the road.  The JEWELERS market had many rings Grammy wanted to buy, but Poppy said, “Grammy your KISSES lips  are as sweet as KOOL-AID so you don’t need any more rings until we reach LORENDO’S LAND.”  Madison said “look there is a MOOSE moose driving a car for MILES.  I think he is going to turn on the NEXT street NOT” she couldn’t believe her EYES!  “Oh your so OLD Poppy, you’re OFF to see the Wizard of Oz.”  Did you know that POPEY’S girlfriend Olive Oil was his PLAYMATE, even though that makes no POINT to this story.   You should also be aware that the QUALITY of this story RIPS through the SPEED of light and if we can find a SALE near a STAGECOACHstagecoach crossing we night end up SOUTH at the SIDE of a SHERIFF’S office in the town of TWIZZLERS near THUNDERBIRDS where TARZAN lives!  Did you know that unusually VERIZON sunsets are where the WALDORF WAY WARNING WELCOMES X-TRA yields of ZEBRAS?zebra

THE END (to this silly story)

have a fun safe weekend!