Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well, let's see...the "girls" have been visiting for a week now. It has been lots of fun having them around. What have we done? Well let's see...swim in the pool, swim in the pool, and swim in the pool!
It has been REALLY HOT here. Like 109, 110, 113. The pool was even too hot to swim in for a few days so we left it uncovered and it finally cooled down enough to be a little refreshing. Water logged? Yeah, the girls are getting water logged! It is hard for the teenager and 5 year old to be together ALL THE TIME. There is a lot of teasing and a lot of tattle-tailing going on LOL, oh ya know the saying...what goes around comes around...well that is happening in the life of my daughter. Only...I didn't have 2 girls! PHEW and that's a good thing! I have come to the conclusion that YES BOYS are easier to raise. They just go about their business. They do their own thing. Girls are sassy and whinny. LOL, oh it is fun having them around.....

On Friday night we went to our town square. They had "movie under the stars" night. A huge blow up screen (was pretty cool) was put up and people put their lawn chairs out and blankets out all over the lawn to watch a movie. It was free. (Oh yeah, see the "D" on the mountain side, well the reason behind letters on the mountain side in every little town or city is for high schools or colleges. Our "D" stands for Dixie State College. The "U" on the mountain in SLC is for the University of Utah, "W" in SLC on the mountain side is for my alma mater West High School, and so on and so on.) The kids (Kyler was with us) play in the water before the movie, although our girls had enough pooling.
We didn't stay for the whole show, "Astronaut Farmer" because they were bored. You just can't make the happy all the time! lol. But it was an evening out and Natalie and I enjoyed each others company just catching up and chatting like girls do...

The girls and I went to Las Vegas last Saturday. It was overcast and not too bad! I walked and walked and walked. There are a few hotels in that town that try and cater to the kids. You can spend dollar after dollar on games to win stuffed animals.
Well it kept them happy. We had lunch, watched it rain and heard it thunder inside a mall while we ate, saw a lion habitat at the MGM and got some treats at the M&M store. I even splurged and spent $1.56 on some M&M's and a got a cute bag they put it in.
I think I was paying for the bag. My daughter didn't get out so easy. $20 worth of M&M's. I think it was just fun filling up the bags. They do that on purpose so you don't know how much you are buying! We stayed until the lights went on, then took the 2 hour drive home again. It was a fun day.

every conceivable color of M&M there is. I mean EVERY color!

This is the PARIS tower in Las Vegas. It is beautiful at night. You can take a ride up to the top (for a cost of course) and view the whole "strip".The "girls" outside of the Venetian Hotel. I think.

We went to a play at Tuacahn last night. I was sporting a huge migraine. Yes, it made my vision blurry, and I even got sick (blaaahhhh) but I pulled it off and went to the play because the tickets are non-refundable. It was such a fun performance. Our little Tuacahn is not so little. Pretty famous actually. There is a performing arts school and everything here in this little community. We have lots of entertainers come and do there thing here on this stage and the setting. Well you can't beat the setting. It is incredible. Here are a few pics of the evening. You can't (well they say you can't) take pictures but I sneaked a few in without the flash, and they didn't turn out too well.

Brooklyn on the far left with the "attitude"
The back drop of the outdoor theater and stage. They use the mountain in the back for many of their production...South Pacific was incredible, they had a waterfall come down the mountain and flood the stage....

By the way villagers, I am reading your posts each day....and trying to keep up. Posting myself has been a little slow! But I try to keep up! You are all so great in keeping your posts up!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TIME! Never enough of it!

I never have enough time to do what I want to do! I know that I am blessed to have this job in these days. I shouldn't complain....BUT....I want to complain! COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN. There, I said it. I want to take the summer off! I want to work for the school district so I can take the summer off! I want...I want...I want....

I am sounding like my children

Like my spoiled children when they were little rascals

I am spoiled and shouldn't be stomping my feet right now....

Because I really am blessed......

Boy that felt good!

My daughter from North Carolina will be here tomorrow (today because I am posting on Wednesday) with her 2 beautiful girls. I am so happy! I can't wait to see them. We visited in December remember? The story about the King and Queen and their adventure? Yes those Princesses are coming. And I am going to spoil them. I will have to WORK at this job I AM BLESSED WITH...while they are here for 3 weeks (I have to say it out loud to convince myself) but I will be going home each night to the girls.

This Friday is the 24th of July. In Utah it is a day off. It is called "Pioneer Day". A day of celebration when the Pioneers settled in the Salt Lake Valley. There is a VERY BIG parade that day in Salt Lake. I think I was once told it is the 3rd largest parade in the Nation! So, I will have an extra day off with the girls! I will be taking lots of pictures and of course you all will be very sick and tired of my posts about THE GIRLS THIS AND THE GIRLS THAT AND THEY DID THIS AND THAT AND MY BEAUTIFUL GRANDDAUGHTERS DID THIS AND ARE SO SMART AND AND AND AND. So if you choose to not read my post, I will totally understand because I am journal-ling for posterity! lol.

We visited the "other" grandchildren over the weekend. It was fun to see them since our Alaskan vacation together. Although the drive is 4 hours, it goes by quickly. The "village" they live in is called "ERDA". It means "good earth". So I was told. They have a parade and ERDA DAYS each year. The community puts it together. (totally hokie and red-neck LOL) but it is fun for the kids. Of course our little munchkins
were a part of it. Owen was the driver (the 3 yr. old) If I could figure out the collage or mosaic picture thing it would be so much easier to post the pics. Lauren was the candy thrower and so was Ryan a candy thrower. Below you will see a few of the pics of the parade. You have to understand, this is by no means a huge parade, just a home town little thing. I saw a lot of the old neighbors and visited with old friends. It was fun. It was big enough (30 mins) that the local cycle police closed down a main drag for the parade which went about 1/2 mile! It was hot and windy on Saturday and after the days events we had a fun water fight. Yeah, I played along and got WET. Mike (my son) is an awesome sport, who loves his children to death and got in on the water fun too. We of course let the little ones think they were in control. I was very smart in getting water guns to start the fight with!

Ryan decided that this grasshopper needed a ride to the parade in my car....but I forgot he had the darn thing, now I can't find it....probably still in my car! and will jump on me when I am driving to work some morning!

there were many more fun parade pics but the highlight of the day was the water fight at my sons home. We let the little rascals take control and soak us. Even Huhoney was a good sport. Owen thought he was sneaking up on Papa....hehehe
We ended with Mike and Owen blasting it know who won don't you? What a wonderul Saturday!
And this is my long WINDED WORDLESS WEDNESDAY...not sure when I will be posting again..probably on Monday because I will be sooo busy...but I will be checking in with the villagers at night when all is quiet and everyone is in bed....

looks like my video will not upload! darn!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


OH LADIES- Thanks for the comments on the apple pie filling, acutally it was easy just time consuming...and Huhoney picked the rest of the apples...another bucket full...enough to make another batch! The neighbors will be getting a surprise on their porch! LOL

Several times a month while driving the 12 minutes to work 5.5 miles from home I catch a glimpse of a hot air balloon air bound! I tried actually to go on an adventurous balloon ride with Huhoney for his BD several years ago, but because of the winds, our surprise BD balloon ride was cancelled. I was so disappointed because

I even wrote a poem for him with the intent that he wouldn’t know what his BD surprise was until we arrived at the site to RIDE! (sigh) and so every time I see this balloon flying high in the sky over our sweet little town, I envy the people that are in the basket…and wish it were me and Huhoney. Someday, when I get the extra cash…I am going to surprise him…

I hear that you are at the mercy of the winds while floating lazily above. These balloons land where ever they can. Luckily the road where it landed closed 2 months ago for reconstruction! It just happens to be the road I take every day. Yes…I was taking pictures while I was driving…I know…shame shame shame..but you wouldn’t have gotten to see this amazing BALLOON!

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY (my contribution to Wednesday's poetry!)and I did it all in "W's"!

What would wonderful Wanda willingly whistle when wandering with willows willfully watching wherever we went? Well….whistling when wandering will wilt Wanda, would we willing watch? Well would we welcome Wanda’s whistle? Would watermelon, wafers, waffles wet Wanda’s whistle? When Wanda’s Warble woefully waged whistling wars, Wanda would waltz with Walter where waterfalls weathered wonderful winged Wallabies. What wondering words would welcome Wanda’s woe's?

HUGs Wanda, I hope you didn't take this personally, I just thought you name went well with Wordless Wednesday LOL hugs....

Monday, July 13, 2009


I totally blew off my Saturday. I can't remember the last time I actually CLEANED my house! Huhoney has been so good to do the things I hate to spend time doing on the weekends! Mop floors, clean toilets....the one thing he hates to do it DUST! Yeah can you believe it! DUST, he would rather clean bathrooms! Hey, ya gotta love it right?
So anyway, I decided to see a chick flick with a friend. "The Proposal". It was totally a chick flick, predictable, and funny. It was hot on Saturday. About 103 here. But ...I was a good doobee and as the sun started to set did the hour bike ride. I caught a glimps of a rainbow in the sky, and once again was breathless at God's hand in all things.

Sunday was another scorcher. 105. I had huhoney uncover the pool, I decided that I was going to relax and enjoy this hot weather on a floaty in my pool, so....I decided that I had better can the apples from my wonderful tree before indulging in the pool. Ya right. 4 hours later....(I didn't get started until after church services) it was too late. Bummer! But I was so proud of my little jars!
So I thought I would share a fun receipe with you. You can make quart jars, (that would make a whole pie) or pint jars (because that is all I had) and pint jars work well because there is only the 2 of us. I normally would make a home made pie from scratch but this is so much easier! Open up a jar and make yummy apple turn overs. Just buy some Pillsbury Crescent rolls, spoon the delicious apple filling onto a crescent roll, bake, and make your own frosting to squeeze on top.

So here is a delicious receipe.

What you need:

*Apples - that's pretty important.

*Large pot- to make the heavenly syrup

*ladel- to scoop the heavenly syrup into the jars

*jars- to put the freshly picked (or bought) apples into

*tongs- to pluck those hot jars out of the boiling bath water

*covered canner - quart size or pint size

*potatoe peeler - to peel the apples (I found this to work AWESOME) no waste!

*apple corer thingy- to wedge the apples

*jar thingy to place inside the jars - (it keeps the lip of the jars clean) while stuffing the jars...



*some good treats to snak on while canning

*Soft slippers or a cushy rug to stand on, because you will be standing for a while!

*AND....1 willing Huhoney to be the POT LICKER! (hehehe)

Canned Apple Pie Filling
Use cooking or baking type apples to make homemade, canned apple pie filling.
7 cups sugar
1- 3/4 cup cornstarch
3-1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
3-1/2 tsp. salt
2-1/2 quarts water.
1/4 cup lemon juice
10 pounds tart apples - peeled, cored and sliced
3 drops yellow food coloring (optional) I didn't do this..
Preparation - In a stockpot, mix the sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt together. Add the water and stir to mix well. Bring to a boil and cook until thick and bubbly, stirring frequently. Remove from heat. Add the lemon juice and food coloring; set aside. Peel, core, and slice the apples into wedges (about 8 wedges per apple). Pack the apples into hot, sterilized canning jars, leaving a 1/2" headspace. Fill the jars with the prepared hot syrup. Draw a non-metallic knife through the contents of each jar to remove the air bubbles. Wipe the rims and place the caps on the jars. Adjust the lids and process in a boilng water bath canner for 20 minutes.

The apples from my tree were not HUGE but they were just the right size for canning. I peeled and cubed 3 to 4 apples per jar. (about 10 lbs. in all) layerd the apples and syrup so that the apples wouldn't turn brown on me.

It has been years since I have canned. I was just a little proud of myself for not having lost the touch! Huhoney was proud too!

And to top it off, since I had blown off the pool and was in the "apron" baking mode, I made a delicous "Blueberry" layered desert for Huhoney. It is his favorite. I just can't resist a happy smile and HUHONEY!

That receipe another day!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I am so grateful for the friendships that I have made through the wonderful world of BLOG. A person can never have enough friends. There really are good people in this crazy world and finding them is not all that hard to do! I have never been given an award and I am happy to receive this special award from a "new" found friend! Thank you Eileen for thinking of me in a special way! I NEVER in my wildest thoughts, thought that I would become a "blogger" and enjoy it! My sis is probably laughing right now because I moaned and groaned when she set my blog up for me in the first place! I still ask her to do "stuff" for me to make my blog 'better' and I am still learning to do things on my own (a little). I truely enjoy all of my blogger buddies who I love to visit each day. Thanks to all who have let me catch a small glimps into their world!
I am happy for these others who I now forward the Bella Sinclair Award on to:
my best friend in the world and sis Terrie who I so toally admire!
my sweet niece Emily (ERMA) who always keep me smiling...
and my so talented sister-in-law who is so compasionate
and puts up with my brother!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


ok, ok, ok...I know, I am not one to be a bragger...but...I just can't help it! Huhoney and I were invited to go fishing with some friends on Friday July 3rd. We haven't been fishing for a while (together), Huhoney goes a lot with his fishing buddies but it has been a while since I have gone. It has been a while since I have caught a fish. I am thinking....maybe I don't get invited much because I open my mouth and proclaim that I am the queen of fisher women. I will either catch the BIGGEST, or the FIRST fish of the day and I usually have to proclaim that when we start to fish...So...we drove a couple of hours to a lake here in Southern Utah. The drive is so beautiful. We went up Cedar Breaks above Cedar City. We were to meet our friends there who had rented a pontoon (boat) for the afternoon. We brought sandwich makings and goodies to munch on. A fishing trip isn't a fishing trip without all the JUNK food to eat. I dressed in my very snazzy fishing attire. It was a little chilly day and I was bummed because I wanted to stretch my arms and legs out and get a tan. That is what you do when you go fishing ya know. It isn't all about the FISH! But the weather was very overcast.

The wind was blowing. Storm clouds invaded the sun. We set anchor a couple hundred feet off shore where the boat renter man told us to go (we were up at Panquitch Lake). The boat renters wife said she caught a HUGE fish that morning, so we were all excited to catch our limit. Every one got settled in. Poles were out in the water. Nothing. An hour went by. Nothing. We joked and ATE JUNK. Nothing. Not even a nibble. So after a couple of hours of NOTHING we went around the lake looking for the friends daughter who was with another friend in kayaks. After friends dad dumped daughter in the was very cold and it was accidental...trying to get daughter in the boat, more food was eaten and we decided to take the kayaks back to shore because the big black clouds were NOT giving us a break. We still had the boat for another 3 hours and decided we should go back out. So...we did. Did I mention that I either catch the FIRST or the BIGGEST fish whenever we go fishing? We dropped anchor AGAIN (3rd time) and I used some sparkle, bright green, smelly POWER BAIT. Huhoney likes to throw my line out. He feels a sense of....husband duty hood, when he does, because (he does it so much better and further than I do). I let him, because that is what I do, with a thank you and kiss. hehehe. (although I am not too bad at it when the wind isn't blowing)...anyway...I sit back. Enjoy our company. Laughing having a good ole time and BAM, MY POLE BOUNCED OFF THE SEAT and my heart just jumped out of my throat....I grabbed the ole trusty right handed pole and gave it a good SET! (YANK) I GOT A FISH I GOT A FISH I GOT A FISH, everyone was telling me not to get too excited, keep my tip up, keep reeling, keep, keep, keep, keep, OK, OK, OK, and then the MONSTER jumped out of the water....I saw a fin...I thought I had caught a SHARK! (not in these fresh waters but...) I kept my tip up and reeled that puppy in! Got it up to the boat and HUHONEY was there....with the life saving net to capture that fish. PHEW, talk about excitement. Well after my catch...everyone decided they wanted to try the bait I was trying and the spot I was in...but, too late. I had caught the daddy of BIG daddy's for the day...and we didn't get another bite! It was a good day. We documented the catch at the boat dock. 5 lb. 20 inch Rainbow Trout.

I know I am a show off, but can you blame me!
Since this was a team effort and we actually were INVITED ON THIS TRIP everyone was invited to get in on the action!

Huhoney waited to clean this monster at home becasue he wanted to see what he had in his belly. NOT A THING. NOT ONE THING. NOT EVEN A FLY!

Huhoney and I ended our ride with a stop at Cedar Breaks over look.

It absolutely takes your breath away. I could not stop taking pictures of the sunset.

Please Huhoney I am about to have a complete anxiety attack! I asked Huhoney to PLEEZE get away from the edge. THE SIGN CLEARLY STATES to stay away from the edge. I have a horrible fear of falling from a cliff or driving off a cliffs edge. Just a fear I try and conquer but have a very hard time with. This man has NO FEARS!

Cliffs edge........

The beautiful HOODOOS just mind boggeling! This is what I get to witness on a lazy afternoon drive only a couple hours from home.

it looks like a fairy tale rock castle

Nature is so is God!

We stopped in at the Ranger Station before going home and listened to some Indian Folklore stories. We spotted MANY deer on the trip out of the canyon. A perfect day.