Friday, June 11, 2010

Just a few words…

First off, I just want to tell everyone how much I appreciate all of  your kind thoughts, prayers and well wishes on behalf of Huhoney and me.  Yes, they were felt.  ALL of them.  Huhoney is doing well, not all of the Dr. apts.  have been met yet.  He still has an apt. next Monday with the heart Doc.  To see if they think he needs to have the hole in his heart fixed.  Just a minor thing…(we  hope). aug 09 005 His leg is still swollen, that means that the clot is  still there and that his body hasn’t absorbed it yet.  But Huhoney is working on that.  He said he has talks with his body every day to heal and be well.  He misses not doing what he always does…and that is being a BUSY BEE.  He can’t wait to get out on his bike once again… too.

July Annie w Nat and girls 005I am looking forward to next week Wednesday when the girls arrive.  My sweet daughter Natalie and her daughters, Madison (now all grown up at almost 15!) and who I won’t recognize  because I haven’t seen them in a YEAR,  and Brooklyn ( age 6, and you know what that means…) will be here for 3 weeks.  Yes it is sad.  I will have to work for some of the time they are here.  But Papa will try and keep them entertained.  The pool will be opened and we will see shows and plays in the evenings.  We will be busy!  After last weeks hot temps of 106 degrees today it was a balmy 86 degrees.  I really am not sure what next week will be like.  Probably HOT.

About a month ago when I was up North for Lauren’s dance recital I drove home alone and stopped on Hwy 36 at a landmark that has been standing for….oh a long long long time.  I have always wanted to stop and take some pictures.  I imagine all of the kids that have stopped here and put their mark on this tall cement building.  In it’s day I am sure it was used a lot by the railroad.  Huhoney said it is a grain silo.  Or was for that matter.  Now it is just an old useless cement building.  Something people stop and wonder about as they pass it by.  I am sure if it could talk….it could tell some interesting stories.

tower 5

tower 2










tower 7

tower 1

tower 4








tracks by tower

It is a lonely sort of place this silo.  But for some reason it just attracts me and I am so glad I was able to stop this time and take these meaningless pictures…..

Have a wonderful weekend everyone….and thank you again for all your kind thoughts and priceless friendships!