Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Huhoney and I went on another little venture into the desert a couple of weeks ago after the Fort Pierce ride. This time a little further to see the dinosaur tracks. VERY VERY COOL! We walked where the dinosaurs walked and I was really impressed, so were the prints in the rocks!dinasaur tracks 083 Enlarge this photo to read about the area, I thought is was very impressive. It was a busy Saturday. Lots of people out and about on four-wheelers and sand buggies (we were in the sand dunes area) and tons of kids on motor-cross bikes. Full geared suites and helmets. My grandson Owen would have been beside himself! But here are a few pics of the tracks I took.

I am sure they look a little like this, (pic taken from the internet)


dinasaur tracks 082

dinasaur tracks 085

This area was once covered in water called Lake Bonneville.

dinasaur tracks 086

dinasaur tracks 093

I know I have mentioned before about fences and how they seem to intrigue me. I would just like to meet just one person that had a hand in placing this fence. It goes on for miles and miles and miles, up and down and in rocks and hills….

dinasaur tracks 092

see how someone had to wrap barb wire around this rock to keep it in place and to keep PEOPLE out! the land past the fence is BLM land. Bureau of Land Management. But there are a lot of people that cross the line…


dinasaur tracks 090 dinasaur tracks 091

The water would run off the mountain side and down this raven and through this gully then into the wash…. I would not want to be in this area when it rains, it could be.. dangerous…

We stopped and did a little skeet shooting. Have you ever done that? I love it! 2nd time for me. The rifle was a little heavy, Huhoney had several for me to try. Our son has his dad’s skeet throwing thingy so Bob just used a hand held chucker….LOL I DIDN’T HIT ONE OF THOSE ORANGE WHATCHMACALLLITS. Huhoney had a grand ole time…I tried chucking those little rascals and they never left the sling! LOL so he had to throw his own, then shoot.

dinasaur tracks 054

dinasaur tracks 056

dinasaur tracks 066

He was a sharp shooter in the Marine Corp. He didn’t miss a beat not ONE orange thingamajig. He chuckled and had the biggest smile on his face. But one thing I did hit!

dinasaur tracks 075

was the tin can that was actually on top of this plank. I missed taking the picture. Hey it is hard trying to use BOTH eyes to look down the barrel of a rifle! LOL



I love shooting clay pigeons!

dinasaur tracks 100

we stopped at some very interesting boulders….it looks like there have been many a wars here….. (paint ball)

dinasaur tracks 101

Great places to hide and seek in….

dinasaur tracks 104

This one even reminded me of a huge skeleton head of a dinosaur? NAH…..

dinasaur tracks 103 dinasaur tracks 099

dinasaur tracks 102

Wish all wars ended like this…..don’t you? (these are some left over paint balls found on the ground. The boulders were splattered with lots of color, I can imagine what the targets looked like!)

dinasaur tracks 096

So one more adventure ended on that beautiful Saturday afternoon. And “Big Foot” left his print in the sand, but I don’t think the winds and desert will keep it there for long…..

BTW, 8 down….20 to go. I am doing well. ;0)