Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have returned!
It was a wonderful exhausting 10 days. 10 days I would not have traded for anything in the world. Our visit and adventure to Alaska was everything it was said to be. I only have 334 pictures to sift through before posting them. Stories to tell and miles of smiles to share. My blogger friends, I have missed you and for the last 2 days have been reading and reading and reading trying to catch up. It is very difficult to get back into the swing of going to the office each day, when all I want to do is catch up on a little sleep! So for now my friends, I will just have to say....may another day come my way until then, be well!
The morning we all headed to the airport I took a few pics of the little ones. They were all excited because they were going on their very first airplane ride! There was business to be taken care of and chasing them down outside Mom even handed them all their toothbrushes, that is what they were doing as I took this pic. Here is Huhoney, Ryan, Owen, Lauren and Camille.

All business was taken care of and then we were on our way! More to come...lot's more to come!!!