Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My goodness I am way behind in posting!  Not that I haven’t been reading everyone’s post, but I just haven’t gotten around to posting myself….so here’s for you Ryan!

While visiting up North for Ryan’s birthday party this was the happenings for the weekend.

Much preparation went into the little get together, Camille never does anything “small”.  Gotta love this girl!  Such a sweet mama.

march 2010 misc 2 004

The makings of Ryan’s BD cake which started on Friday and by the evening Camille had started frosting it.  “This is going to be a monster cake” she told me…so we left it and took off to Friday night ‘craft night’ which happens each and every Friday night…at Jessica’s.  I think 6 or 7 girls showed up.  They make all kinds of fun crafty things.  Everyone was doing Easter stuff.  We got home around midnight (and that is early folks) (I heard a couple of the girls stayed until after 3 am!) and Camille decided to finish the cake in the morning.

march 2010 misc 2 013

Mr. Monster cake didn’t stand like she wanted so he ended up just lying down….a one eyed 3 horned green colorful monster!   Ryan loved it!


march 2010 misc 2 010


You can’t go wrong making a monster cake… anything goes……



march 2010 misc 2 008


Time for Papa to help blow up balloons and put string on the balloons to hang from the ceiling.  Papa is a good helper…..


march 2010 misc 2 016


They were hung  with great care……..



 march 2010 misc 2 023 and placed around the party table with perfection, there is NOTHING better than party balloons!

march 2010 misc 2 024

The guests arrived and the pizza party began for the children…while the adults had a scrumptious sloppy joe with the fixins!

One way to get children to eat a whole piece of pizza is to have them make their own….march 2010 misc 2 028  you just thaw Rhodes rolls and let them choose their toppings.  It was a huge hit!  Very clever idea isn’t it?!



march 2010 misc 2 032


smash it flat with your little hands and put whatever your little heart desires on the pizza and eat some pepperoni and olives while you are deciding…

march 2010 misc 2 031

Place all the little party pizza’s on a corn meal sprinkled baking pan and…….



march 2010 misc 2 037


in just a few minutes you have a perfect smiley face pizza man! ummm yum!


march 2010 misc 2 038


Now the best part of all is the look and anticipation of Ryan waiting for all the candles to be lit on his cake…


march 2010 misc 2 040



I love this little guy!


march 2010 misc 2 051


There is nothing better than a party to celebrate a special birthday boy!

Can you say……….. CHEEEZZZEE


It was fun to be in the company of family and friends…. Thanks Camille and Mike for a fun weekend of special memories to add to another chapter of my blessed life!