Thursday, December 23, 2010


ok ok here I am again, and it is just 2 days before Christmas.  Incredible isn’t it?  That I am posting another one?  Well that is what happens when I am totally bored out of my mind at work!  Good thing the boss doesn’t read this!  I just wanted to post what my Mr. Higgins(es) have been doing.  You know… the “Little Rascals” up North in Erda where I am headed this afternoon on a Shuttle.  Never done this before and I know it will be full.  The Shuttle I mean.  Full of people I don’t know.  A 5 hour drive.  I hope I don’t get stuck in the very back…I am afraid to eat anything.   I have never sat in the back of a vehicle for a long time…hope it is comfortable.  I wonder it they thought I was weird if I started taking pictures LOL.  Anyway, my son Mike e-mailed me these pictures photo last week


A cute bed with a loft on top for Lauren to put her toys and princess “stuff”



owen and ryan's bed



A bunk bed for Owen and Ryan, pretty cute huh

so Mike sad, “hey dad can you come up a week early and let’s make these beds for the kids for Christmas…

So Huh-honey went up last Saturday.  Mike went to the furniture store and indiscreetly took measurements and with the photo he had, within hours this is what they came up with…63466_488520802765_840497765_5829986_6743772_n  I am telling you that husband and son of mine are incredible!  Owen wanted to be a part of the making of whatever they were doing in the garage.  Now this was suppose to be a secret.  Owen could help measure and do things that little guys can do…but had no idea what the end result would be.  When Bob and Mike needed to put it all together to see if it was going to work Owen was very upset because he had to go in the house.  I am talking VERY UPSET.  He just wants to be in the garage with dad and papa…doing…whatever they are doing.  Then the next day he overheard Mike telling a friend that the beds were coming along…so Owen told Camille my DIL that he knew dad’s secret but please don’t tell dad that he knows he doesn’t want dad to be sad that he knows the secret…Owen is playing along know…and Mike knows…..LOL

So the next day after un assembling the bed which will be painted and other finish work added…Owen was in his element once again.



They gave him a real drill and put him to work…


And part of making a lot of dust and mess you have to clean up too.  Ryan is the one all bundled up and Owen is the one with gloves on and no coat.  Papa and Dad were  not wearing coats so Owen didn’t need to wear one either. The pieces are a puzzle right now.  That’s all…a giant puzzle. The kids even got to help paint the puzzle…



While Camille (she is amazing!) got into the router-ing part of the finish work…

Yes this is my DIL…there isn’t anything this young lady won’t do or try…and she is good at it…then the night before last she had another brain storm……to add a few more embellishments to Lauren’s bed….Bob doesn’t look too thrilled in this picture and Mike looks real thrilled LOL but believe me…Bob was happy with the results…thank goodness it is done…


This is a picture that needs to be framed to remind Bob how much fun he was having LOL.  I love you honey and I know the kids really appreciate your hard work!  It is going to be amazing when they are all done and put together….

The count down begins!  And I will be there tonight to rub your feet and sore back….. (kiss, kiss)!

Thank you Mikie for putting me on the shuttle……(I think)! I can’t wait to spend Christmas with your little family again!


I am missing these 2 girls really badly this Christmas….

Madison and Brooklyn and of course their mommy Natalie (which I don’t have a picture of except an old one)




And I will be home on Sunday to see these cuties

dec 2010A 061


Our sweet Kinlee who loves to rip off ornaments from Oma’s tree and try and eat them


kinlee and water heater 014



Don’t you just LOVE those cheeks!



kids 008

Kolytn, our little stinker who is so much like his daddy….OH BOY did that kid  (Brad) keep me on my toes… and I say “what goes around, comes around”


April 10 005

Kyler our little man…who is growing so fast into all of his almost 8 years!

Where does the time go?

I will be looking forward to the New Year and all that it may bring.  All the happiness these sweet children bring into my life…I am so blessed. 



sepia 10



I need to keep this guy healthy so we can continue to enjoy all of the above….




PS I am so glad I am off all those steroids….my poor triple chin and chunky face has not made for pretty pictures….slowly getting back to double chin instead of triple!  of which a turtle neck doesn’t even hide it!  LOL

OK..this is my last post until after Christmas…have a wonderful weekend everyone!