Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Enjoy, we all need a little bit of this at such a busy time of year!


Friday, November 9, 2012


Yesterday I took a walk over at the park.  I decided it would be better to walk during lunch than it would be to go and eat something unhealthy.  Not that I am much of a health nut because I am not.  But I am always up for a little serenity in my life.  The park does it to me.  A place called “The Garden” is always kept so pristine.misc Nov 2013 121







Colors were vivid in the garden.

misc Nov 2013 126


I was the only one there.




misc Nov 2013 122


misc Nov 2013 125








misc Nov 2013 146


misc Nov 2013 136


misc Nov 2013 141


I found a beautifully carved metal box at the entrance of the park which held information about the park and the different vegetation.





misc Nov 2013 149

Then I found serenity

misc Nov 2013 150

and I stopped to reflect on what I have to be thankful for

misc Nov 2013 148

Only a few hundred feet from the park along the walkway it opened up into the local cemetery.  The colors were even more vibrant.  I walked along the path and saw many names that meant nothing to me but had a lot of meaning for someone else.  It took my breath away and I knew that in a few more weeks this same place will be adorned with colors of Christmas.  I will want to come back.

misc Nov 2013 157

As I was leaving the sun broke through the clouds for just an instant and I took a deep breath.

The day was unusually warm.  The sky was dark and very cloudy and on my way home I  was chasing the storm. 

As soon as I walked in the door, the love of my life greeted me with a big hug and smile and asked how my day had gone.  It just can’t get any better than that.  No matter what storm I was chasing…or what my day had been like, I knew I had come home to serenity.

My strong sweetheart is healing.  Not as quickly as he would like, but he is healing.

I am grateful for his calm serenity.  All the storms he has faced and trials he has gone through; he is such an inspiration to me.  He is a man of honor, integrity and courage.

He is my serenity

Bob Marine Veteran

bob potters pond 2012 046

Monday, November 5, 2012

Here I am

It has been brought to my attention…that I have been neglecting my blog.  Not only have a few friends noticed but one of my 3 children mentioned it to me.  Yes, I haven’t been blogging.  I don’t have a very good reason, just that I haven’t been.  Summer came and went, then came back again.  Yes the weather in my part of the country is warm VERY WARM.  I was all ready to pull out what few items of winter clothing I had and had to put them back up on the shelf!  I took some amazing photos of my Northern grandies in August.  I will share a few of those photos and also a few fun facts about Thanksgiving….which I didn’t know!  These little turkeys will be visiting for Thanksgiving this year.  We will have a  house full…I like it that way….

kids erda sept 23 061

For some reason Lauren was so serious this little photo session, I think she was modeling for me LOL

kids erda sept 23 050





There are many of her but these were a couple of my favorites.


kids erda sept 23 010


kids erda sept 23 002







Owen also had a serious side during this photo session

kids erda sept 23 028


Pure sweetness!





kids erda sept 23 086

It is hard for Ryan to sit still long enough for me to take his picture so I am thankful for anything I can get!


Well have you all had enough? Well don’t fret….they is a lot more to come….just not today! 

This one is for you BARB! LOL


Thanksgiving Fun Facts

Click here to find out more!

Fun Facts about the First Thanksgiving

  • The Plymouth Pilgrims were the first to celebrate the Thanksgiving.
  • The Pilgrims sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to reach North America.
  • They sailed on the ship, which was known by the name of 'Mayflower'.
  • They celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day at Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  • The Wampanoag Indians were the people who taught the Pilgrims how to cultivate the land.
  • The Pilgrim leader, Governor William Bradford, had organized the first Thanksgiving feast in 1621. He invited the neighboring Wampanoag Indians to the feast.
  • The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted three days.
  • Mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies, popcorn, milk, corn on the cob, and cranberries were not foods present on the first Thanksgiving's feast table.
  • Lobster, rabbit, chicken, fish, squashes, beans, chestnuts, hickory nuts, onions, leeks, dried fruits, maple syrup and honey, radishes, cabbage, carrots, eggs, and goat cheese are thought to have made up the first Thanksgiving feast.
  • The pilgrims didn't use forks; they ate with spoons, knives, and their fingers.

    Thanksgiving Facts throughout History

  • Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the United States.
  • Sarah Josepha Hale, an American magazine editor, persuaded Abraham Lincoln to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday. She is also the author of the popular nursery rhyme "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
  • Abraham Lincoln issued a 'Thanksgiving Proclamation' on third October 1863 and officially set aside the last Thursday of November as the national day for Thanksgiving.
  • The annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade tradition began in the 1920's.
  • In 1939, President Roosevelt proclaimed that Thanksgiving would take place on November 23rd, not November 30th, as a way to spur economic growth and extend the Christmas shopping season.
  • Congress to passed a law on December 26, 1941, ensuring that all Americans would celebrate a unified Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November every year.
  • Since 1947, the National Turkey Federation has presented a live turkey and two dressed turkeys to the President. The President does not eat the live turkey. He "pardons" it and allows it to live out its days on a historical farm.

    Fun Facts about Thanksgiving Today

  • In the US, about 280 million turkeys are sold for the Thanksgiving celebrations.
  • Each year, the average American eats somewhere between 16 - 18 pounds of turkey.
  • Californians are the largest consumers of turkey in the United States.
  • Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States.
  • Although, Thanksgiving is widely considered an American holiday, it is also celebrated on the second Monday in October in Canada.
  • Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States, where it is the beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season.

    Fun Turkey Facts

  • The average weight of a turkey purchased at Thanksgiving is 15 pounds.
  • The heaviest turkey ever raised was 86 pounds, about the size of a large dog.
  • A 15 pound turkey usually has about 70 percent white meat and 30 percent dark meat.
  • The five most popular ways to serve leftover turkey is as a sandwich, in stew, chili or soup, casseroles and as a burger.
  • Turkey has more protein than chicken or beef.
  • Turkeys will have 3,500 feathers at maturity.
  • Male turkeys gobble. Hens do not. They make a clucking noise.
  • Commercially raised turkeys cannot fly.
  • Turkeys have heart attacks. The United States Air Force was doing test runs and breaking the sound barrier. Nearby turkeys dropped dead with heart attacks.
  • A large group of turkeys is called a flock.
  • Turkeys have poor night vision.
  • It takes 75-80 pounds of feed to raise a 30 pound tom turkey.
  • A 16-week-old turkey is called a fryer. A five to seven month old turkey is called a young roaster.
  • Thursday, May 31, 2012

    Has it been that long?

    Yes it has! And I am totally ashamed.  Not that I haven’t had anything happen lately because you know that MY life is full of surprises.  ALL the time! Well February flew by, and so did March, and come to think of it, I really don’t remember too much of anything, so that is a good thing right?  That means my life is just running along smoothly and I am coasting, sailing, you know all that stuff that sounds absolutely heavenly.  But the fact is, April came along and hubby had another birthday, we stopped “celebrating” a long time ago, you know the quiet dinner out and then maybe a movie.  Traveled to see little Lauren in her dance recital…ok you are just dying to see my precious Lauren aren’t you?owen, lauren may 2012 111

    owen, lauren may 2012 064

    owen, lauren may 2012 119

    owen, lauren may 2012 063







    Owen is such a ham he loves to have his picture taken.  And yes costumes are soooo expensive.  I felt sorry for the parents.  It is kind of ridiculous because they are worn only a couple of times for recital.  This is Lauren’s 3rd year dancing.  That is half her life since she will turn 6 in Sept!

    My son had this HUGE tree stump dragged onto his front property and then planted bushes and trees and did a lot of landscaping that can’t be seen on these pics, but to get the real size of this tree Owen decided he wanted a photo shoot.

    Me my camera and grandkids = lots and lots of pictures especially when they are willing and wanting to pose.  Sorry…but this kid is so precious…he will pose and pose for me….owen, lauren may 2012 030

    Lauren has to be in the  mood, and Ryan, well let’s just say Ryan is always so busy on the computer, I can’t get him to turn around and say cheese!  And looking through all the pictures I took I could only find this one of Ry on the carousel when they came to visit….Ryan where are you!  He is getting so big and OLD now ya know 9 year olds are just to busy doing ‘other stuff”.

    thanksgiving 2011 096

    owen, lauren may 2012 141

    Remember the sun, moon eclipse thing a few weeks ago, well I put my camera lens behind a special glass Bob had and got a couple of shots but they are not all that prize worthy, but looking through the glass with your naked eye was amazing!

    owen, lauren may 2012 149

    owen, lauren may 2012 146

    Check this out….I just pointed my camera at the sun and pushed the button.  This is what I got.  It looks like an explosion behind my neighbors house!  Pretty cool huh?

    Oh yeah, I was being all healthy and stuff and was riding my bike every day during my lunch hour (with a friend) and we decided to do this one route which would have been about an 8 mile trip.  Coming off of the bike trail into a city park I was ready to get off my bike and get a drink of water from the fountain and there was a hose, yeah I saw it and pretty much didn’t think anything of it, this probably wouldn’t happen to anyone else except me and hasn’t happened since, but my front tire just grazed the hose just right and flipped me off of my bike, I flew off to the side, of course trying to brace myself so I wouldn’t SMACK my face on the pavement, thus catching myself with my hands, knees and ribs!  YEP cracked a rib, (very sore) and fractured my left wrist!, then did a turtle ninja roll onto the lawn and the sprinklers came on.

    YES all very comical, and in slow motion is VERY comical.  Just close your eyes and picture it ok.  Some jerks (city workers) were sitting on the park bench and said (clearing my throat) (put your mouth to the side) “Hey lady…..you ok?”

    My friend was beside her self, and just starred at me….and asked if she could help me up.  NO…hell no…..I can get up myself…..in a minute….I just want to sit on the lawn and get soaking wet by these sprinklers cause I can’t move.

    Then we got back on our bikes and went to Jack-in-the-box and had lunch.  Then rode another 2.5 miles back to work.

    All in a days work my friends…………..I am WOMAN.   stupid woman but woman.  The next day after a very fitful nights sleep I decided I better get it checked out….YUUUUUUP! thus….

    PURPLE CAST BABY! 6 weeks!  I was told it will start to smell and be all dirty and grimmy and my skin will flake, which it has already started to do, I am so lucky! First the splint then the cast…

    Photo: after  42 years of raising  kids ... doing crazy and i mean crazy things raising my family..a stupid garden hose at a city park after a vigorous 5 mile ride with a friend on our lunch break just happened to slip under my front bike tire and...i dove off my bike landed on my rib broke my fall with my hands fracturing  my wrist rolled onto the park lawn..and just sat there while the sprinklers showered me! Some idiot parks maintenance worked said "you ok lady" ....(here's your sign) never once coming over to help me up.
60 sucks!

    Photo: Well 4to 6 weeks thumbs up! Isn't this a pretty color? And no... They don't do water proof! Dang! If it starts to stink just spray Fe breeze on it!  hey honey what's for dinner? Ribs ... Just have to heal like the wrist. Oh well







    I mean look at my hair…It is impossible for me to do it…I have to be so creative in the morning and you know….showering going through boxes and boxes of that awesome press and seal stuff.  Who wouldn’t want to be me right now?

    My bike is retired for now.  Just leaned up against the wall in the training room here at work.  The weather has been really hot the last week.  When I get back from NC the cast will come off and I will be on my bike again trying to sweat off some of the extra pounds I will put on while visiting my girls cause you can’t go on vacation and not eat EVERYTHING that is horrible for you like home made caramel popcorn and maybe some fudge, and well you know….comfort food.

    So my dear friends, if you don’t hear from me for a couple of weeks you know I am out and about have a blast…because that is what I do best!  I promise I won’t try to ignore you all so long.  I will have a lot of pics to post when I return…I will be reading your posts and hopefully keeping in touch with you that way.  Summer is so full of happenings…isn’t it!  Gotta love life to the fullest!

    I am sure you all can’t wait for that part!



    Thursday, February 23, 2012


    It just happens.  It sometimes brings you up and sometimes brings you down.  I think I have let it bring me down a lot lately.  Great way to start off the new year right?

    Then I kick myself, scold myself, tell myself to get up off my be-hind and stop feeling sorry for myself.  Lot’s of memes in here huh?….yeah, too many memes.

    I have to much to be thankful for….

    Warm house, loving hubby, beautiful grandies

    I need to do something for someone else.  Service work.  It would help a lot.

    In reality, I am a pretty funny gal.  I can make other people laugh, and I mean belly laugh.  But when I need it the most, it just isn’t there for meme.

    We have had beautiful weather here.  I have not taken advantage of it.  But I will. Soon.

    Wow talk about DEBBIE DOWNER!  now that makes me laugh because SNL has some seriously funny Debbie Downer clips.  That make me laugh.

    Hmm I think once I get this post done..because I have procrastinated it for so long, I will feel much better.  I have an obligation to do these posts to myself for myself and my posterity.  Wow another bunch of memes.

    January BLAHBLAHBLAH really??? I don’t even remember what happened in January… my DIL had a birthday.

    February, Kinlee (youngest grandie) had a BD on the 8th, this girl can eat cake just like her Oma…we love cake!

    I had one on the 9th, I have eaten lots of cake.  Now that’s funny because I can feel the cake in every single pair of pants I have in my closet.  Nope that’s NOT FUNNY LOL. and while I am complaining about this very thing I am eating a mounds candy bar! YUM

    Madison, my oldest grandie got her braces off!  She is so beautiful….

    There is a lot of construction going on here in town and making it very miserable to commute my normal 12 minutes to work, turning it into more like 20 minutes.  When will it ever get done already!????

    Plus a bazillion people are in town for the very well known “Parade of Homes”.  I will go and see a few this weekend when it will finally be over!

    http://paradehomes.com/honestly people this is insane and crazy!  Especially the last few years with economy and all people are still building BIG HUGE and expensive houses.  Right in this town!  5, 10, 15 minutes away.  You would not believe the new communities that are being built and still houses that belong to the bank, unoccupied!  It kind of makes me sick…is this happening in your town as well?

    The world famous “Iron Man” Advertisementis also going to come back to St. George!  And we moved here 9 years ago, trying to get away from all the hoop-la….yeah right.  http://ironman.com/events/ironman#axzz1nFQEbGPR St. George is the perfect location in May for this sort of competition I guess.  I could never do it.  Maybe the world famous Huntsman Senior Games.  I could do that I suppose….that is in Oct.  I would really have to start getting in shape and not have the memes hanging over me lol.

    http://www.seniorgames.net/ I mean honestly this is a really big deal.  It brings people from all over the world to this desert town.

    OH YEAH and BTW, for not having much to say….I am going a little overboard AGAIN.  Feel free to stop reading at any time.  This has been actually very therapeutic for me!  And if you decide to be in the Ironman competition or the Huntsman Senior games and can’t find a hotel room, I have 2 guests rooms!  It would be my service project to make me feel really good….just another meme.  (I have heard that people actually rent their homes out during these occasions and they themselves leave town!)

    oh yeah… out of thisoldfence my adorable hubby made this bench.







    It weighs about 5000 pounds.  It isn’t a bench I would cozy up on to read a book, it was made as a filler for my front patio.  Little does he know…I have plans for him to make maybe a table to go with it.  He loves doing projects like this.  Remember the bird houses?  They are made from the same cedar fencing.birdhouse1

    He is so creative, not one bird house is the same.  He has made 15 or so.  Given many away as gifts, and maybe if we have a spring garage sale we can sell a few.




    Remember the cement wall project last summer.  Well this planter box was absolutely beautiful last year filled with lots of flowers and greenery.  We just were not sure how we wanted to finish the wall.  Then as luck would have it….we we able to acquire some stone.  FOR FREE! we are saving about $1500 as it sells for about $10 a square foot!


    feb2012 004

    He is laying it all out to see how it will fit on the wall.  I think it will be very nice when it is done.

    It is time to pick up some flowers…I missed the bulbs AGAIN, so I will have to just end up spending lots for perennials again.  Bulbs are only around for a couple of weeks here then snatched up quickly in gardening centers.  DARN!

    Thanks for stopping by.  I feel so much better I got this over with.  I hope I don’t wait another MONTH to post.  I guess I do have a lot more to say than I thought.  I snapped this a couple of weeks ago when I was on my way home from work…sunsets in the desert can be beautiful at times.  They change so quickly, so you have to be FAST.

    jan2012 013 below is minutes before just opposite direction overlooking the city of St. George.

    jan2012 016

    oh yeah….forgot one little teeny tiny thing…feb2012 057 it was Valentines Day this month and this is the very first box of chocolates Huh-Honey has ever given me….we laughed about it because we both don’t ever remember ever giving each other chocolates before…and guess what?  I think I ate almost every single one in this box.  They were yummy.  The sweet note said I was his everything.

    Wow and I was having memes at the beginning of this post….I am feeling much better now. :)


    This is my 60 year old meme pic.


    come to think of it…it feels good to be me.


    Friday, January 20, 2012

    I am still around

    I have been doing a lot of thinking and pondering lately

    visiting all my blogger friends each day and reading all their wonderful posts, leaving little snippets of messages to let them know I am stopping by, but the fact is…I haven’t taken any pictures in over a  month!

    Yep I am a totally a blank canvass even though it looks like I am thinking of meadows and butterfly’s,

    Cartoon of a Woman Daydreaming About Spring clipart

    I really am thinking of how tired I am and how good it would feel to just go to that meadow and take a nap!

    I was alone for a week because Huh-honey had a job to do up North.  I had plenty of time to clean-rearrange, you know the usual stuff, and I can’t tell you what I did!  Oh…I filled 3 garbage bags of clothes from my closet and bought some nice non-slip hangers for all my clothes, (well almost all my clothes) 35 hangers were in a box and I use 2 1/2 boxes! yikes….I guess felt pretty organized and good about that accomplishment.  I watch some TV…not much, but when I did start watching it was much later in the evening, then I would go to bed very late and read.  I guess, bottom line is, I am not a very good “ALONE” person.  I just went through the motions each day.

    I keep telling myself that the famous blue sky's of the town will eventually come out…and the dark clouds will eventually go away so that I can feel that warm sunshine on my back and take so much needed walks.

    Can you believe it…I had to take a prescription of vitamin D!  YEAH I live in a part of the country where the sun always (99%) of the time shines and I was low on vitamin D! UNBELIEVABLE!

    I think I need a vacation.  A real vacation, not just travel 5 hours to see my sweet grandies for a day, but a real, get on a plane, train, or boat and go someplace I have never been to before!

    Could someone please let my boss know that I need a paid vacation, and not have to use my vacation time to do it!  You see…I get 2 weeks a year.  It isn’t a whole lot of time to really do anything especially when there are 52 of those babies and if I use 2 of them right off….I will still have 50 that I have to be here for…has anyone seen Debbie Downer on SNL? LOL my goodness listen to me!  I am so glad it is Friday!  I have invited 2 of my grandies to have a sleep over tonight.  Maybe popcorn and a movie and giggles and snuggles will help my slump….402216_2670174268468_1079454412_32772843_889549609_n I don’t think that I will have the littlest one sleep over, I am afraid that we would end up calling her parents when she actually would have to go to bed.  I think the idea of sleeping in a different bed and watching a movie on a very old TV and VHS is something fun for these children of this generation.  YEP I still have the ole VHS hooked up in the guest bedroom and lots of OLD VHS movies…

    Kinlee will be 2 on Feb 8thkinlee jan 2012

    Now there is a face of sunshine!  Brown eyes and snow white hair, not much of it either LOL wispy and very fine with a receding hairline like her daddy LOL.  She sure loves her Papa though, probably because he looks like her daddy!

    Well for not having anything to say…………..I think I have said enough!

    Hope your all well and that you are all having tons of SUNSHINE in your life!  love and hugs……meme

    Copy of 1105111657