Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WEATHER? or not? that is the ??

  • Wednesday Scattered Thunderstorms Hmm partly cloudy with a chance of rain? WHERE did they get that idea? 96° high/ 82° low

  • Thursday Scattered Thunderstorms doesn’t look much different…

  • 98° high / 82° low

  • Friday Scattered Thunderstorms think they could be a little more…creative?

  • 95° high/ 71° low

  • Saturday T-stormswell maybe we can go on a bike ride again?

  • 92° high/ 65° low

    Last week Huhoney and I went for a bike ride in the evening. It was overcast and seemed like the perfect night to ride and catch a slight cool breeze. Our favorite ride is about 4 or 5 miles through neighborhoods and golf course trails. I am usually in the lead, because I go slower than Huhoney so he lets me set the pace (hehehe) I ventured out and 3/4 way through the trail I stopped and took some photos of the trail we were riding on.aug 09 001 Don’t let the sign of “Falling Rocks” scare you. It never has me! You can get a great view of the valley along side this trail.aug 09 003 The Virgin River had a good amount of water running through it, something that you don’t always see in this dry dessert. It is fed by the water from Zions National Park.

    aug 09 006aug 09 004

    The trail goes on and on and if you continue one way or the other you can add another4 to 7 miles to your ride.

    aug 09 005 aug 09 007 But we turned around because we started to feel a few sprinkles of rain drops… at the end of the trail we took cover against a brick wall….

    yes and even on a bike ride I always try and look my best…lipstick, earings and glasses, you just never know when you are going have your picture taken!aug 09 010-1 aug 09 017 It got dark very quickly…and my camera lens could not escape the rain drops!

    By the time we got home we were SOAKED to the bone….

    aug 09 020 aug 09 019 But I managed to hurry and dry off and snuggle into my cozy robe…brrrrraug 09 028

    The pool cover collected a lot of rain…aug 09 030 it was a fun ride…a little scary when the thunder started and we could see flashes of lightening in the far distance….Huhoney just said, “lets go for it” we were peddling lightening fast! These summer rains (not too often) come in so quickly and just DUMP on us, usually causing flooding in parts of the valley. We are high enough so we are safe. I am looking forward to this weekend….3 days off because of the “Labor Day” Holiday. For many it is a last ditch to go somewhere, but for us…we are staying close to home. And of course with the thunder storms comes lightening and FIRES and because of this our mountains DID get hit…and because of that, we are experiencing some incredible sunrises and sunsets….

    aug 09 - 3 002

    aug 09 - 3 003

    taken from my car on the way to work…yeah yeah I know…shouldn’t be driving and snapping pictures….but I couldn’t resist.

    aug 09 - 3 005 aug 09 - 3 006

    right now the sky’s are blue! NOT a rain cloud in sight. So much for the weather forecast! See you all tomorrow. I have a ZUMBA video for you all!