Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"THOUGHTS" out of body

Well....once in awhile (I would love to blame it on the stars being out of alignment) or the cosmos out of wack or something like that and you know they probably aren't but Monday was . . . an out of kilter, out of sorts, out of body day for me...so my thoughts were not flowing like usual. I wanted to cry at the drop of a hat, and could of, even if there was NO HAT to drop, but I got through it. Have you ever told a man that your hormones were out of wack? Well try it on your boss some time. It is pretty funny actually. They give you this blank stare,

then they put their hands in the air like you are pointing a gun at them, they will tell you, it's O......K..... you can go home! IT IS MY perogative to have a weird freaky day!HMMMMM it worked....I went home.....and Monday passed, I am still here, the world DIDN'T come crashing down around me, the stars didn't fall from the heavens, NO HATS WERE dropped and even though I struggled NOT to cry (which would have felt pretty good)(but I am woman you know) Tuesday came...happy to say...so I will share some fun pics of a few precious moments past.

While Camille came down with the kids last week for a few days, they colored a lot of eggs, and colored a few fingers and hands.

(Papa found 5 in the bushes last night 7 days later!) they played hard, and after a busy day slept soundly, (there is nothing more precious than sleeping children!) they slept through the night...wow Lauren too! it is because she was sleeping with her "brudders" she said.
Poor Camille came down with a bug that put her right in bed, so Papa and I, along with Tera took the children to the "Pirates Island" for pizza, we all got in on the pirate hat thing. Owen was in charge of telling us when it was our turn to be seated...
Lauren went dressed as a "Princess Pirate" (who would have guessed?)

Even Papa got in on the fun of being a Pirate (for a minute)

It was hard to keep up with them after eating, they played in the play area, and Ryan was not happy when it was time to leave. But got over it quickly when we distracted him with something else. We had a great time while they were visiting on their short Spring Break. You all know by now how much I love my grandkids. To me, this is what it is all about. I know it is what keeps me grounded even when I am having a MUNDANE mun⋅dane  [muhn-deyn, muhn-deyn] –adjective
1. of or pertaining to this world or earth as contrasted with heaven; worldly; earthly: mundane affairs.
2. common; ordinary; banal; unimaginative.
3. of or pertaining to the world, universe, or earth.


Need I say more?