Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"How sweet it is"

Getting everyone to sit still for just a second....capture this moment forever, without a binky, chocolate thumb, or wandering off and then to say CHEEZZZZZZZZE for my camera is history in the making!
A couple of weeks before Halloween Mike, Camille and the kids came down to St. George, it was such beautiful weather and before they all hopped into the car for the long ride home, the kids decided that Papa's flowers were the place to be....at that moment....

Lolipop (Lauren) is a flower picker, so is Brookie Cookie, (they have a lot in common, attitude #1!) they love flowers, and Pop (Bob) makes sure that there are flowers to be picked! Ryan, well sweet Ryan....he is just a smeller of flowers, (silly boy) he actually decided he wanted to know if they tasted as good as they looked, and he gets right into it too! Owen....well he does what you tell him to do......most of the time.....

The "Harvest"

Lauren always looks up to her big brother.....they are 11 months apart you know....Owen is a cowboy, and Lauren is a princess. This little mischevious look from Lauren is actually only looking to him for confirmation that it is "OK" to eat the corn Oma picked from the garden!

I never did find out, if anything, if corn, fresh off the cob, uncooked, does anything....to little ones....well you know....tummies. Camille didn't mention to me that it did or didn't! But yummmm they loved every single little morsel of sweet corn, from the giant stalks in their own garden. Lauren and Owen didn't have any problem eating almost ALL of the cob! (bad Oma, bad Oma!)