Thursday, July 9, 2009


I am so grateful for the friendships that I have made through the wonderful world of BLOG. A person can never have enough friends. There really are good people in this crazy world and finding them is not all that hard to do! I have never been given an award and I am happy to receive this special award from a "new" found friend! Thank you Eileen for thinking of me in a special way! I NEVER in my wildest thoughts, thought that I would become a "blogger" and enjoy it! My sis is probably laughing right now because I moaned and groaned when she set my blog up for me in the first place! I still ask her to do "stuff" for me to make my blog 'better' and I am still learning to do things on my own (a little). I truely enjoy all of my blogger buddies who I love to visit each day. Thanks to all who have let me catch a small glimps into their world!
I am happy for these others who I now forward the Bella Sinclair Award on to:
my best friend in the world and sis Terrie who I so toally admire!
my sweet niece Emily (ERMA) who always keep me smiling...
and my so talented sister-in-law who is so compasionate
and puts up with my brother!