Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Still hanging in there!

I am so embarressed! Another year and thank goodness I am still here but haven't updated or posted anything. I am still sitting at the same desk doing the same thing! Waiting for the time to pass so that I can officially retire I guess. Not sure what I will do with myself once I do, hopefully pursue my dreams of writing and publishing a book of love letters and finally doing some pencil sketching. I have it in me just waiting for me to let it blossom. Face Book has taken over my blogging world but you just can't put your hearts thoughts into FB as you can blogging. I still don't have a clue how to make different page headings at the top, only can figure out how to post. I should be smarter, after all I have been working for 45 years, and blogging for I think 7. Not sure how to look up my first blog either. LOL and you are thinking, why is she telling me this, well I am actually scolding myself for not keeping up the piece of my world. Something that someday my kids might stumble across. In the last year, I turned a year older haha and so did everyone else in my life. I am blessed with 9 healthy grand children and a saint of a husband who loves me to pieces! I don't think life could get much better except I am still sitting at this desk....(sigh) I could brag about my amazing grand kids and all that they have achieved but that would be another 10 pages, just believe me when I say they fill up my life when I am around them. Life has been "even" that is about how I can call it, nothing exciting, just even, but I will take that over uneven any day! Hope to be here more often. You can catch me on my FB to see the lastest news. Hugs...Lindalu