Friday, May 21, 2010

Everything has a purpose…

I haven’t figured out what the purpose is yet of the doves.  At first I thought … oh isn’t the sound of the doves nice, it is so …so …cooooing and so cooooing……….well now I am not so sure I am a fan of the cooooing, especially when you are in bed, late at night or early in the morning and these lovely……….and I say that with sigh, lovely little doves decide to coo at each other.

april 2010 # 031

They have made a nice little nest across the street in our neighbors eves of their house, I guess they don’t mind their cooing.  But lately…I have gotten a little tired of it.  Am I a bad person?

Just go coo some where else will ya!  I want to sleep in once in a while!

april 2010 # 030

Huhoney actually laughed at me and asked me if I wanted to eat them…he said “don’t you remember when I would go DOVE hunting and bring home DOVES and you would bake them!  WHAT?? I baked these birds and we ate them????  I did not!  I can’t believe I did that……well maybe I can….it must have been in my other life….when I had boxed wine in my fridge…..that had a spout…and I drank it…

april 2010 # 038

so for now….I just shoo them off of my roof and chase them up the street so they land on the neighbors roof and coooooo their little hearts out over there!


And NO…..I am not going to eat them!

I am off for the weekend to visit the “little rascals” feb 2010 misc 014 and watch our sweet Lauren in her first dance recital…this should be fun…. lol have a great weekend everyone!