Thursday, September 30, 2010

Second Chance – we all deserve one

OK, I am embarrassed to say the least!  I have the nicest friends ever here in blog land and I have completely neglected you all!  3 weeks folks, yep I just looked at the calendar….it has been 3 weeks since “Breaking Ties”.  I read your posts every day and then I actually “plan” on posting but, by the time I leave my office I don’t even look at my computer.  Any posting is done here at work….(don’t tell).

Yep and although I lead a very boring life….hehehe…once in a while REALLY EXCITING THINGS HAPPEN, (now this is getting desperate) but it did happen!

Because I have a horrible memory, documenting (or posting) has been very helpful.  This is something though that posting about you will think I have completely lost control. 

And I have.

I don’t even remember where we were or what we had done before…but we came home from somewhere…hehehe…on a Saturday not many Saturday’s ago and Huh-honey went out back, like he always does just to do “stuff” and right by our back door he had put a little sticky trap thing, to catch those dang nab cricket and roaches that like to creep into the house when your not looking….and he exclaimed “OH DEAR, OH NO, OH DEAR” well maybe he didn’t say those exact words and he noticed a very long tail…coming out of the sticky pad thing.

NO!  OUR BUDDY, my 7:00 pm lizard watch….was trapped!  NO!  How sad!  was he dead?  Could he be saved? He was totally enticed by the dead trapped bugs in the sticky and “fell” for it himself!  That was NOT the plan.  I loved watching this lizard.  We could count on him and another little guy, (he probably ate) every night at the same time creep around the yard, up the brick wall and over the top or run up the wall of the house and disappear.

So….the RESCUE BEGAN!  A second chance in life.  We all deserve one don’t we?  Well Huh-honey thought he did…


lizard rescue 001

I actually jumped on the chair at this point because I thought he would jump on me, this lizard was not a happy camper.  Still breathing and probably thinking, GREAT, now what to I do?lizard rescue 002


carefully lift tail, so that you don’t pull it off, hope you don’t pull it off.



lizard rescue 004

begin placing pink sticky note pads sticky side down on sticky paper of course (or color you prefer) under lifted lizard parts, onto the sticky pad…


lizard rescue 009

keep lifting (with butter knife) and placing paper under “Lucky Lizard” and watch him squirm because he doesn’t trust Huh-honey won’t just give up…”Lucky” was very traumatized at this point.

lizard rescue 013


Almost done….PHEW!




lizard rescue 015


Hang on there buddy, I mean “Lucky” (had to name him at this point).  Lucky was scrambling to run at this point…


lizard rescue 016



“The release”!



He ran so fast I couldn’t snap the pics in time and of course I was yelling and excited… (pretty sad huh LOL)

lizard rescue 018

Lucky ran behind the trays and up the wall.




lizard rescue 030


(not real time on the clock…)




lizard rescue 024


Poor Lucky was so traumatized after all of this he stayed in the same spot until after we went to bed!


Have we seen him since?  YES SIR-EEEE, it was a few days later and I thought he went off and had a heart-attack or something but he is very much alive and well and visits often.  Yes it was around 7:00 pm that he climbed the wall by the clock and did his little head bobbing thing, sort of nodding to me….tell me thanks Lady and Mr. for GIVING ME A SECOND CHANCE.


I promise the next post won’t be 3 weeks in the wait, I have so much to tell you all about the garage sale we had and….2 days later the water heater going out on us and boy that’s a story!

hugs and smiles everyone!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Breaking Ties Making New Ones

I don’t know about you but for the past year I have had several culprits following me around.  Invading my life, and I have to finally break the ties with “Trama” and “Drama”.  Not that “Drama” is always a bad thing to have around, because I like being in touch with her occasionally but lately, “Trama along with “Drama” has taken a toll on my emotions.  I am using these terms in the 3rd person because I feel like they have been a monkey on my back with all their other friends of whom I will list shortly.

“Spontaneous” has always accompanied me in my life and seems to just shout out and do things crazy and make me do things crazy too, and a couple of weeks ago, (after making the peach pie I NEVER had one bite of) we visited my hair dresser for a “little” trim and while sitting in the chair ole Spontie decided to shout out. After being asked several times by my friend and beautician she kept screaming inside me….so…0818101808




sorry these were camera phone pics the before and after.

Well it’s just hair right? and mine seems to grow very quickly, about 5 inches fell to the floor.  I  loved it….at first.  Now I am very upset with “Spontaneous”.  And now, my hair has decided to NOT GROW and my natural curls…yes I have LOTS of natural curls, un-taming natural curls that like to flip every where when ever they choose and I hate them.  Thank goodness for flat irons.

Huh-Honey loves it….I guess that is what counts.

So…during this time I had another visit from “Pitty Pot”, “Cry Baby” and “I don’t give a  ___”.  Now these are no friends of mine  but all at once they decided to pay me a visit.  Huh-Honey said they have been lingering around just waiting to pounce on me for a while now, but that I had been snapping back at them and lashing out at the weirdest times.  So off to the doctor who is giving me helpers to conquer my RA.  Huh-Honey insisted that she introduce me to “Happiness”.  I was teary as I said I already knew “Happiness” but maybe she was on vacation or something then proceeded to cry.  Crying at the doctor’s office is special.  Even if you think you are a big girl.

I have always been a believer that “Happiness” was always there when ever I wanted to see her, that she was at my beck and call at all times.  I have always considered myself a STRONG lady, VERY STRONG lady.  I don’t need anyone except my Huh-Honey, children and grandchildren to bring me “Happiness”.  I think I might have been a little harsh on her.  So…I have invited her to stay for a visit, let me lean on her a little and when she has done her job, she can go visit someone else that may need her more, although I will never forget her. (does this make any sense?)

Anyway….Labor Day weekend we decided to go on a camping trip which would take us to a place called “Potters Pond” image which is a beautiful fishing hole in the Manti-LaSal mountains.  Important information in case you decide to go: Please bring your own drinking water. Please bring garbage bags, as the campground is pack-in, pack-out.  There is no electricity, water, or sewer hook-ups.  Services: “Primitive” campsites with fire rings, 3 vault toilets.  So we decided that if we are staying in a tent (which we did, on cots of course) we would do the whole thing, (we are prepared, we use to do this almost every weekend when the kids were younger) got the ole tent heater out, nice cozy bags, lantern, we were set.

kolob 078

Wednesday night campsite was beautiful, but not big enough for those who would be joining the next day.  The ride to this campsite, well that is another whole 3 page chapter.  It was hair raising since we took a WRONG TURN, and it was MY fault.  Thank goodness “Happiness” was with me or I would probably have had to walk. LOL oh by they way….NO PHONE SERVICE, so we didn’t get to camp where son Mike and family were waiting for our arrival about 3 hours earlier!

kolob 090In the morning before getting the word officially that we could move camp, we had a yummy breakfast of “French Toasted” bread, and gooey syrup, bacon, juice, and happy children! (we didn’t eat the children of course)

kolob 088

There is nothing better than happy children, waiting for a surprise after eating, from their Oma!


kolob 095

Marshmallow Blasters!  Papa made EVERYONE a blaster!  And what a blast that was!  I don’t think that Owen and Kyler put theirs down for 2 days!  There were marshmallows everywhere in camp!  I am sure we made the forest animals very happy!kolob 099

Lock and Load Owen, (actually you just drop one miniature mellow into the 1/2 in tube, then you have to BLOW with all your  might…


kolob 101

Sometimes at targets on trees….other times….well at each other…that is the funniest! And they don’t hurt…


kolob 083

This is how to make this FUN, FUN, toy.  We plan on making a lot and selling them around here at a garage sale a few times before Christmas.  You have to paint them camo and princess colors though!  I don’t think I got a picture of Huh-Honey’s finished product! Hmmm

kolob 106

The children enjoyed a game of Simon Say’s, Mike is such a fun daddy!



kolob 076

Koltyn loved playing peek-a-boo





kolob 141

Our sweet Ryan had a 24 hour flu bug and it totally wiped him out for a full day! Poor little guy!

but the next day he was just fine and joined in all the fun to be had.

kolob 081

This is pic of Ryan the day before he got sick.




When Huh-Honey and I were not hiking with the kids, we would hike by ourselves..kolob 136





Then I would take a hike with the children…kolob 159



and they would let me take pictures of them…


kolob 160

kolob 185

Isn’t this the cutest darn brother, sister you have ever seen!  I just say ok smile you two and Lauren wrapped her arm around Owen then Owen wrapped his arm around her….they really love each other! 

kolob 158


My sweet DIL is the best Dutch Oven cook I have ever known!  She is amazing!  Her pineapple upside down cake was so delicious, and chicken, and chocolate yummy cake and cornbread.  AHHHH, she is such a wonderful cook!


kolob 125


there was a 4-wheeler to ride…



kolob 170


plenty of time to chuck rocks into the river…



kolob 180






kolob 178



Find dinosaur teeth..



kolob 227

Play catch with a glow in the dark Frisbee…with your best friends Dad and Papa..

kolob 221

kolob 121

Just lounge around after playing 2 hours of card games with Oma…




kolob 122






kolob 075


Gathering firewood with Papa…



kolob 124



Hanging out with your daddy and stick to him like glue…


kolob 228


pose together because I was the ultimate picture taker (Camille,  Best camp Hostess EVER Mikes wife) and  son Brad.

kolob 236



Get smoke in your eyes by the camp fire remembering to wear your cowgirl boots so as not to toast your toes…kolob 235Take lots and lots of pictures so that you can post them all over the trailer….to remind you of how much fun you are having!

kolob 210  kolob 143

know that being NAKED (meaning without make-up) for 4 days is OK..and actually very liberating! but also embarrassing to show anyone !  but knowing REAL friends and family don’t care and never mention to you how different you really look.  Hmm maybe I don’t look any different….NAH….

kolob 233sitting around a blazing fire at night with family and friends (of which  pics I could not download for some reason off of my little cool-pix so this one will have to do.  Just imagine family and friends in the background…

With all this excitement the last weekend, wonderful family and friends around me and relaxing (well sort of relaxing) in the great out-doors, I “broke ties” with Miss Pity Pot, Cry Baby, Miss Anxiety and made friends with “Happiness” once again…..AHHHHH life is good…… and I am in love with it!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

Hugs and Smiles across the miles….