Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lollipop’s dance recital

I know, you may want to skip over this post but I have to do it, just have to do it because one day….my children will thank me, maybe not today….because they don’t realize how much this means to me…but some day they will.

may Lauren dance recital 003Lauren is precious….and she didn’t complain at all while her mommy pinned and sprayed and curled her blonde locks for her recital….



may Lauren dance recital 002

may Lauren dance recital 006Owen had a bug, mommy thought it was food poisoning from some Wal-Mart chicken…it lasted 24 hours…and it was a really bad pukey kind of bug…

may Lauren dance recital 004

Big brother Ryan was his ole self, hanging out on the computer…he loves the computer….his very own computer and could stay there for hours on end if you let him.


may Lauren dance recital 014



outside the high school auditorium we got silly girl with her mommy.




may Lauren dance recital 024


other dancers were practicing in the hallway of the auditorium…



may Lauren dance recital 027


back stage was filled with anticipation…(Lauren 2nd from left,  top row)



may Lauren dance recital 030


much was going on back stage…everyone was ready and awaiting their cue and the beginning of the program.


may Lauren dance recital 038

may Lauren dance recital 037








I couldn’t resist taking lots of pictures….all for posterity ya know and of course my book I am putting my posts into…

may Lauren dance recital 068 It’s a big deal this dance recital…the community comes together and the high schools stage becomes a showcase for all the youth to display their talents. 

may Lauren dance recital 076 Our little lollipop Lauren 2nd from the left…..4th from the left in the picture below….she is staring at her teacher…although she knew the steps LOL

may Lauren dance recital 046 Don’t we all like a little encouragement once in a while especially when we are on display in front of a lot of people we don’t know?

may Lauren dance recital 080

2nd from left, she shook her maraca's and left me wanting to see more! My heart was exploding and I was such a proud “Oma” of such a precious 3 yr old!


may Lauren dance recital 095

The finale was so fun.  Many of the daddy’s joined their little dancers on stage for a fun little Hawaiian dance.  They were all such good hams about it and shook their booties!

may Lauren dance recital 098

I forgot to ask my son why he wasn’t in this one…maybe he didn’t have a Hawaiian shirt LOL.

may Lauren dance recital 109

thank goodness Owen started feeling better by late Saturday afternoon.  There were some surprises outside.  Baby bunnies were born a couple of days before…


baby rabbits 2

they were so tiny and didn’t have any hair on them yet.  Black, White, Tan and White, several different bunnies. 



baby rabbits 4


But I think there are about 12 altogether from 2 mama bunnies and one papa.  It doesn’t take much I am told….hehehe


back yard 2

Huhoney has been very busy up at the Higgins Almosta Ranch, old barn wood was added to the chicken coop and Camille added her touch of cut out wooden flowers, the BBQ pit area was cleared and was almost  ready for the pad of cement that would be poured this week.  It is a big job.  Huhoney can’t do it alone anymore.  Not  this much cement anyway.

back yard 3

while he was there 2 weeks ago the playground was moved and made ready for the children.  New ground cover will be put under it to soften the area instead of lawn.  It makes mowing much easier.

back yard 4

The trampoline was moved and dug into the ground…the lawn removed from the playground was put under the trampoline.  A slide will allow the “Little Rascals” to slide under the tramp into a secret play area they call the cave.  They love it!  But my ? is…do you mow the lawn in the cave or just let it grow out of control???

It was a very short quick trip but always worth it.  When my daughter comes for a visit next month we will spend more time up North.  The kids love going to Mikes Almosta Ranch.  Wide open spaces just doesn’t compare to my crowded community where you can hear your neighbor sneeze.  EVEN though I have a pool.  There is just something about a little farm and children….

Huhoney is tired.  Very tired.  He works very hard even for his children to help them out whenever he can.  He will be home tomorrow for some much needed R&R.  Hmm probably not…because he will be busy making our home looking tip top and beautiful too.  I just don’t fit into Mr. Green Jeans pants!  My watering skills are just not the same LOL. Saturday is my Mikies BD.  I can’t believe my son will be 37.

The End.