Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby girl 39 (and holding)

Dear Natalie,Natalie Higgins Lytlenat 5

Words will never describe how I am feeling right now. But you know me…and with words I will give it my best shot.

I wrote this for you when you were maybe 2 ½ years old. You were taking a nap, sound asleep and I remember grabbing a piece of paper and pencil sketching a picture of you. I wish I still had that picture. These were my thoughts as I sketched.

You lie there so peaceful and snug in your bed, curls kissed by the sun tossed over your pillow.

nat 4

Your daddy calls your princess; you always will be you know, our one and only little girl.

Newborn; your eyes were as blue as the sky, and now princess, there isn’t a blue sky anywhere that could compare to their blue sparkle.

As you lie there and sweet dreams fill your head, I look back on today and all the funny little things that you said. “Oh mother, it’s just not fair”, with your hands on your hips and tears in your eyes you looked to convincing. I was really surprised! A few minutes later our harsh words were forgotten.

As I tucked you in and said good night, your arms wrapped around my neck and squeezed me tight. “I love you mom, see ya in the morning, sweet dreams too”.

Oh little princess, as you grow in years, God bless you and be with you and always remember, “We love you”.


Natalie, memories are by far what I cherish the most because we can’t see each other as often as we like. I love talking to you almost every day. I love that we can talk about anything. I love that you are still that little girl sometimes and you still have that stubborn quality, it makes it who you are.

I love the woman that you have become





Maybe a little compulsive at times (smiling)



Qualities I hope I had a hand in along the way….

I love the mother you have become, always striving to be better, nurturing and giving of yourself at any cost.

That little girl with soft curly locks is what I see when I close my eyes now, and I am smiling at the thought of you reading this and saying “I told you mom” when I said I wouldn’t, and I did anyway…

Thank you for giving me 2 beautiful grand daughters

misc summer 09 267

But most of all…..thank you for giving me so many wonderful memories to cherish forever. These are just a few of them!

nat 1 nat 3 nat 2

I love you sis….Happy Birthday