Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am sooooo blessed!

As a mother I am so blessed because I have 3 great kids, and they have blessed me with not 7 but YESTERDAY came our 8th sweet adorable grandbaby!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!


I am honored and totally thrilled for you all to meet

Kinlee 009


Born at 2:33 (I think)

weighing in at

7 lbs. 14 oz and 19 inches!

Our newest little CHUNKY MONKEY (which makes 4 and 4 now!)

Kinlee 012


Just enough hair to tease you with!  A button nose and double double chin!



Kinlee 027


Proud daddy! AHHH




Kinlee 021


Tired mommy…..



More pics to come probably tomorrow, when we get to see her at home and not in that stupid ugly coarse  dumb hospital blanket.  They SO DO NOT USE ANY SOFTNER IN THE LAUNDRY!

Thank you Tera, you did a wonderful job in bringing this healthy little munchkin into our lives, and thank you son for your contribution! LOL love you both!

I love my BD present!