Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Birds have to eat you know, and I have shared my sweet little peach tree with them for a couple of weeks….but they have become stingy….and have randomly pecked at my precious little peaches until Huh-Honey and I said….ENOUGH!

This year is my first crop!  We planted this peach tree only last Fall, so I think it is fair to be selfish when it comes to my peaches…

peach pie 011

we picked about 50 of these Alberta beauties….we just had dinner and I decided….I am making a peach pie! 7:30 in the evening.

WHY???? because I know my house will smell wonderful and Bob will eat it.

peach pie 008

so I began the process, and this very simple recipe tells me that the preparation time is only 15 minutes….. (LIAR!) my prep time was more like 45 minutes! cook time 40…

peach pie 006

I want to tell you….I am not a wonderful cook.  I have never considered myself a wonderful cook but sometimes when I get the bug…..I can be a wonderful cook (baker, whatever). 6 cups of these sweet peaches.

peach pie 013


Mixed and tossed with “stuff”



peach pie 014


Then dumped into a yummy crumbly pie crust…(I quit rolling pie crust when I found this one)


peach pie 015


Topped with more crumbly buttery brown sugar cinnamon “stuff”



peach pie 016


It was really full!  My mouth was watering…



peach pie 017



Popped that baby into the oven for 40 mins.


watched America’s Got Talent while the house was filled with blissful aroma….

peach pie 018


Then wahhh-laaaa









YEP EVEN HUH-HONEY was too full from dinner to have a piece LOL.

Yeah…I know….CRAZY huh….I am hoping it is as yummy tonight for dessert……

(sorry I forgot to bring the recipe to post with the measurements, I will do that if you would like me to!)

hugs and smiles across the miles….linda

Thursday, August 5, 2010

He sends me roses

I know, it totally doesn’t make sense to anyone, but after being gone for a while do you just NOT know where to begin?  That has been my problem.  So just a few minutes ago, I decided.  Just begin at the latest memorable date….which was August 2nd 2010.

He sends me roses.  I think there just has to be a song or poem in that phrase SOMEWHERE and I probably have it in me…SOMEWHERE but not this minute in time…it will have to come later.  Maybe tomorrow.  But today I am sharing a verse I wrote years ago.  I have never shared it.  There hasn’t been a reason to.

He sends me roses…..every year….this year was no different.  If he could afford to send 40 he would have…but I would have skinned him alive….

roses 003

I don’t know why, maybe because he sent me red roses for our first anniversary….and it has become….significant.

roses 004

fishing aug 2010 016








A fun weekend of fishing with friends set the pace for that special Monday….we were doing what we both love to do…even though it wasn’t a fancy expensive extravaganza…

Think of two old seafaring captains,

Telling a tale about their adventures on the sea

Or a story about the life they lead

Or maybe a story of you and me.

They would talk about the mighty storms that rocked their grand ole ships;

About the sunsets on a paradise island, about gold and jewels and pirates;

They would tell of squabbles and brag a bit,

Each would think his tale was the better one,

Of life and loves, and it seems to me…

our life is a story just like the sea, never ending.

Think of two old friends, sitting in front of a barber shop;

Having a coke, and sharing a joke, telling a story;

They would talk about the good ole days, what it was like to be young and courting;

They would mention a love not soon to be be forgotten; a love with laughter, sorrow, and mourning.

These two old friends would chat a while and watch as people walked by;

Sometimes not having to say a word, each knowing what the other was thinking about….without being heard.

Think of two young lovers, sitting on an old porch swing; holding hands and giggling, watching falling leaves and listening to birds sing.  Stealing a kiss now and then and blushing; wondering if anyone was watching.

It is a story our lives once knew…innocent, tender and still true.

Think of a story, with a beginning and no end;

Of two lovers who have become the best of friends;

Two friends who became the best of lovers;

This is a story like no others.

It could be told by two seafaring captains

Or two old friends

Or two young lovers

This story is a special one, still being written, with all I have spoken of.


“He still sends me roses”

fishing aug 2010 036

40 years…still going strong…I am one lucky (blessed) lady.