Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lost for words?? NEVER

By now you all should know me (a little) and I am not often lost for words.  Every day  I have opened up villagers post and been uplifted.  I think to myself, “self” you should post something, you have a lot to say…you always have a lot to say…and then after the day has gone by, I just don’t say anything….so here it is “Wordful Wednesday” once again and I didn’t put together everything that I was thinking during the week.  Better later than never!

My sweet Camille (wife to my oldest son, mother to “the little rascals”) had her 30th birthday!  My son lead her on a scavenger hunt all over the valley where they live and it ended in the canyons up above the city of Salt Lake where friends and family awaited her arrival.  SHE DIDN’T HAVE A CLUE and the surprise was everything my son had planned!  Wait- a- go Mikie!  What a wonderful hubby you are…and Camille  you are such a blessing in my life.  I love you!

camille 6camille 3

camille 4 camille BD

camille bd 2 of course sweet Camille let the children take part in blowing out the BIG 30!  What a fun day she day, and I wished I could have been a part of it!  About 40 people were there to celebrate and cheer her on!

Next up…was one of the “little rascals” Birthday.  Our little lollipop (Lauren) turned the big 3!    From the first time I held this adorable baby I knew she was going to be a “little rascal”pics from home 801pics from home 462

first born…then 3 months

pics from home 468pics from home 241

her blessing day, at 3 months on Christmas Eve… then at about 5 months… Halloween and a visit to Disneyland…..

  IMG_0874pics from home 1321 don’t you just love those chunky monkey legs!

Aug-Sept 08 003

  Aug-Sept 08 120 Birthday #2

n840497765_941440_7882  not hard at all to love these sweet children!Sept 09-  labor day 080 most recent.. Labor Day pic I have of my little lollipop.

I have a very hard time NOT taking pictures of these beautiful children!  As you can see!

Now this isn’t ALL that has happened….Mike and Camille will be celebrating there 10th anniversary….this weekend…but those pics are actually PICTURES and I haven’t scanned them into my computer YET!  I must have hundreds that I need to do that with! I will NEVER find the time! 

A  FEW FIRSTs HAPPENED THIS  MONTH…that I haven’t written about….

Of course Ryan and Kyler started 1st grade, both born on the SAME DAY! age 6 now…

Ryan first day back to school 1st grade Sept 09-  labor day 132

Ryan                                                                Kyler

Then there was Brooklyn’s first day of kindergarten!

Brook 1st day of school

and Owen’s first soccer practice….last week he scored 2 goals!  He is the only boy on an all girls team!  They LOVE him!

Owen first day at soccer 

and my oldest grandchild Madison…phew 1st day of

HIGH SCHOOL….OUCH!  14 going on 21!


madi 3 madi 4

madi 5

We will be traveling up North to see the “Little Rascals” this weekend.  I need another fix before I am out of it for a few weeks.  I am having surgery on October 2nd.  Tomorrow I will write a little bit about it and what is going on with me.  It is the above mentioned that makes me what I am.  It is for these beautiful children that I wake up each morning and thank God for my blessings and of course without my “Huhoney”  I wouldn’t have the courage to do what I am about to have to undergo.

I don’t have anything cute or profound to say today!  No words of rhyme or reason!  But it was a very WORDFUL WEDNESDAY AND I DID HAVE A LOT TO SAY…..

hugs to you all villagers….until tomorrow!