Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last week I went to the Huntsman Cancer Center here in St. George.  It is a great facility.  I was fitted for “the mask” I will be wearing during my  radiation treatments. radiation mask 1 It was a very cool experience!  Barb…I know about the metal slab they have you lay on…that is not big enough for ALL of me, I asked “what do I do with my hands and arms…” they were just dangling, not enough of the slab to put them by my side! so they gave me a ring to hold onto across my tummy.  They were so wonderful explaining EVERYTHING they were doing to me while doing it.  They took a  large piece of mesh plaster stuff and dipped it in warm water, when it was pliable they laid the warm  cloth over my entire face and some of my neck, then started molding it to my face.  radiation mask 2 It was very easy to breath through.  Good thing I am not claustrophobic.  The whole time my eyes are closed and mouth opened a tiny bit because the mask will shrink when it is completely dry.  Then the radiologist and oncologist screwed and clamped the mask down.  They also put a huge rubber band around my feet.  It is important you lie very still at all times.  This is a very precision type of procedure.  I was told that they have to pinpoint the radiation to a centimeter!  PHEW that’s close folks!  The treatments will not start until the 18th.  Friday is a run through.  They then took a CT scan of the area so that on Friday this week when I go back, I get to put on the dried mask (which I get to keep…I am so excited LOL)   Do I look like (Hannibal Lector?)Hannible and they will put me on the table in the room where I will actually be under going the radiation treatment.  The machine is ENORMOUS!  Huhoney will take a few pics on Friday, they said he could, just to show the machine.  Am I nervous?…maybe a little, I will tell you after Monday the 18th.radiation mask 3

Please don’t think I am taking this lightly my friends, but whenever I am frightened, I go into a funny-bone mode.  I just laugh.  I can’t help it, it is my way of coping I guess.  I would NEVER make fun of or EVER NOT take this seriously or anyone who has undergone treatment in any way shape or form make fun of anyone…..I just want you all to know….I am OK.  Remember….I have a personal guardian angel on my shoulder!

BTW Barb! please take it easy for a few days!  NO SKING OR BIKING OR RUNNING for a while ok! PHEW now that is what I call scary my friend.  Not what I am doing! um um not at all!  LOT’S of love and good, good, good, good vibrations……I am sending your way!