Friday, January 8, 2010

Better late than “never”

I know I know, here she goes again with the family pics of the “little rascals and all, but ya know folks, this is my life and I love it!

Saturday after Christmas, who should arrive at our door step, none other than "the little rascals” Christmas 09 St. George new camera 012and boy oh boy was it a busy 3 days!   Come on in and enjoy the ride….I can tell you that you will be exhausted as we were when all is said and done! LOL  First off my new camera, that I am taking a lot of pictures with and still am not sure how to use it took a lot of pictures.  The night setting, I am still not sure how to use.Christmas 09 St. George new camera 015   But I am having a lot of fun!  Yes…they brought their new bikes and scooters and YES we let them ride them around the house….they were good not to run into anything….hehehe

The first night, Saturday, they all climbed into my bed and got all snuggled up to watch a movie, they like our bed because it is adjustable. 

The next morning, Sunday, was blueberry waffle morning with fresh juiced apples and oranges.  They all got to help Papa make the yummy juice…

Christmas 09 St. George new camera 040



Little missy tried on several of the hats that Oma made for her.  Is purple a favorite color for every little girl?



The ducks and geese are very friendly!  They saw the kids coming with a sack of bread and pretty much followed them around, sometimes chasing them to get more!Christmas 09 St. George new camera 057

 Christmas 09 St. George new camera 059 Christmas 09 St. George new camera 042

Ryan had NO fear of them, he chased them back!



Christmas 09 St. George new camera 073

Kyler joined us at the pond, both sets of parents left us in charge of the crew for a few hours.  We took walks, it was a beautiful day, went to the playground….

There was a lot of spinning…

swinging and climbing up slides…….

Christmas 09 St. George new camera 118 Christmas 09 St. George new camera 114

as well as going down slides…..Christmas 09 St. George new camera 115 Even a little hair raising!Christmas 09 St. George new camera 113 Static………

Christmas 09 St. George new camera 100 Christmas 09 St. George new camera 099

We watched some Big Boys fly some model air planes….

Dinner together is always a treat

Christmas 09 St. George new camera 134


and making tents in the office, can’t be beat!



Christmas 09 St. George new camera 136

Let’s not forget that MY baby turned 33 (OUCH!) Then RUB-A-DUB-DUB three “Little Rascals” in the tub…oh so sweet!

Christmas 09 St. George new camera 120






As the year came to an end I was reminded….

Christmas 09 St. George 018 Hug someone, kiss someone, tell them you love them…

Christmas 09 St. George 017




It may be someone you need to be nice to!


Christmas 09 St. George 046

ALWAYS be sure to help some  in need





Christmas 09 St. George 070



When climbing mountains, be sure to take one step at a time, even though it may seem a bit overwhelming…

Christmas 09 St. George 072




There is always a way down……No matter your age

Christmas 09 St. George 092Christmas 09 St. George 066 Christmas 09 St. George 098

If you have to…

HANG ON for dear life….even if you encounter a dragon or 2 along the way…….


pics from home 404


Be sure to laugh…




Lauren face 3




Because laughter IS the best medicine of all…..



pics from home 461



Life is always full of surprises so be sure to…



Stay out of trouble whenever possible…..

Picture 037

misc1008 143


Stop and smell the roses, even if they are only mums…..



pics from home 717



Take a nap if you feel tired…



aug 09 053 East dessert when ever you feel like it…





July misc 039



And NEVER feel guilty about it because…



misc dec 08 127



Life may take you by surprise…



Enjoy every sunset and sunrise….misc dec 08 237 as if tomorrow will never come because it may not….





Aim for greater heights…Mike skydiving 6

and rely on your partner…..




pics from home 1340 



Koltyn 3 mo. 052



Nothing is impossible!

Because 2 people fell in love…..

linda anniversary crop

wedding crop linda







1970 young love…2009 still in love

Everything became possible…..

Be sure to Count your Blessings everyday no matter how big or small……I do……..Hope your year was a great as mine!