Thursday, November 13, 2008

Letting Go - Saying Goodbye

Most recent pics, I am sure there are others that I could have chosen but, I loved these two, and because this is MY blog, I can do what I want!

What can I say...I have put this post off because I wasn't sure if it was necessary, and maybe it isn't, but....some things just need to be said. Letting go, was easy, saying goodbye was hard. My Mother (no such thing as mother-in-law) was a tough lady, she laughed hard, cried hard, and was hard of hearing (lol). There isn't a hand in the world I would have traded to be holding at 4:36 pm on October 25th. She gave it her best, and her best was always given in everything she touched, and believe me she touched many people's lives. Will she be bet she will. From her closet full of clothes, with the tags still on them, to her hair having to be done every week, just the grundel of Christmas presents she started buying for EVERYONE every year in January (no wonder she was always broke!) to the scrumptious meals she would conjure up from left-overs you didn't know you had in the refrigerator! Her love of reading was, contagious. She loved to read. . . and. . . yes she loved variety in books (!) One thing for certain . .

(Her children's reunion a few years ago)

she loved her 7 children and their spouses. She loved her grandchildren. She was a great friend to everyone. Stranger was not in her vocabulary. Much can be said but a book would have to be written to do so. Mother lived life to the fullest. Life was not always kind to her, but she never complained. Her joy in life was her family, and she let you know it. Her faith was unshakable. As she walked through the veil that beautiful Saturday afternoon, I was proud to be able to hold her hand and reach through it with her, if only for a moment. Then I had to turn it over to someone waiting for her. I wrote this little poem for her. I promised her I would. Just one last thing I could give her.

I give to you my hand my Lord,

though shaky it may be;

I've done my best,

My earthly tests,

Please take this walk with me

Your mission here on earth complete,

My child you've served me well;

Come take my hand, I'll walk with you,

Now through sweet Heaven's veil.

Love you and miss you - Frances Higgins 1925-2008