Friday, April 29, 2016

Hello my awesome friends! I am having a time figuring out how to put something on here that I also put on FB. It is so easy for me to video a short clip then post it there but how it that done on here without a HTTP/ thingy? How do I link my FB stuff to blog? Anyway I had a funny experience yesterday at Arby's. I wanted to get a GYRO sandwich because of the commercial on tv (I love the voice of the announcer he makes me smile) and I was short .05 cents. Yep I had it in my car, but do you think anyone behind me would give me a nickle? NOPE so I left my money on the counter, and ran to my car park outside the door, grabed a quarter and went back inside had to wait in line again behind 3 people then got up to the register and handed the same young man my quarter. He look at me and said "what you you like today?" I said "I would like my GYRO and here it the nickel I owe you." HE said "Well it comes to $4.28." I said I know I already gave you $4.23 here is a quarter so you owe me money." He looked at me and said "where is the rest of the money?" SERIOUSLY???????? then I started to laugh and told him I already gave him my money please give me my GYRO and my change....if was must have registered.....because he had put MY MONEY in his I got my GYRO an it was yummy. STILL laughing about it. I just might go back and get another one today LOL.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How to cut an Onion Life Hacks

How to cut an Onion Life Hacks, this is the place to go to you can catch it on YOU TUBE it is amazing and you will run right out and buy a HAIR PICK and lable it just for your kitchen. It is going to be my newest favorite kitchen tool! check it out! I cannot get it to link in to my blog!

Thursday, March 17, 2016


My husbands ancestors came to America many many many years ago and through those years the "O" was dropped from the name Higgins. So in long-time reality I should be married to a O'Higgins. Why they did that, I have no idea. I think that it is a beautiful name, just like my husbands name Robert Oscar, just think to be given that name and not have the "O" in Higgins!!!!!! It is a shame and so for today I am going by O'Higgins. Linda O"Higgins. That sounds pretty Irish don't you think? Be proud of your name...carry it and think of all the trials that came with your name, the hardships, happiness, wouldn't it be fun to go back in time even for a day and see your ancestors who carried YOUR name! I think it would and I will be so happy to see my ancestors who are Schippers and now my inherited ancestors who are Higgins and O'Higgins! My father-in-law was really an Irish looking man, tall, blonde curly hair (like my husband) defined features in his face and he was a proud man, a very proud man. Quiet but Stubborn too. Hmmm just like my husband. Being born in Holland, I am sure that I have some direct descendants that could have come from Ireland at some point in my history. I feel very justified wearing green today and saying I have a little Irish in me....even if it is just a little. :) Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Linda O'Higgins :)
A short sweet story, many years ago my oldest granddaughter Madison was about 5 and in school they were learning about St. Patricks Day, the teacher told the children that Leprechauns were a myth, they didn't exist, it was just something that was made up, well Madi told her teacher that her Papa was a Leprechaun and that once a year at midnight he turned into his real self as a Leprechaun to find his pot of gold and keep it hidden in a safe place. He has from midnight until the sunrise to do so, if he isn't successful he looses his magic of becoming a Leprechaun every year. Well the teacher said "your Papa is not telling you the truth", which upset my granddaughter. She went home from school crying, my daughter called and told us how upset she was and that Papa needed to finally put a stop to the nonsense and tell her the truth about his midnight escapades, so Papa got on the phone with our granddaughter and with a big sigh, said to her "Madi girl, no matter what your mother tells you or what your teacher tells you there is one person that you can always believe in and that is your Papa, and I am here to tell you Madi, that I AM A LEPRECHAUN, and I do have magic that I can use once a year. Unfortunately that is all I can tell you. It is a family secret that you must keep as a secret and not tell anyone. But always believe in me and in magic and you will always be alright in the world." So with that said, my daughter was not happy but could do nothing. I laughed and laughed at her frustration, (we get to do that as parents) so with that said....our grandchildren will always believe that their Papa has magic and even though we can't see it we can believe in it. I love that man!