Friday, April 29, 2016

Hello my awesome friends! I am having a time figuring out how to put something on here that I also put on FB. It is so easy for me to video a short clip then post it there but how it that done on here without a HTTP/ thingy? How do I link my FB stuff to blog? Anyway I had a funny experience yesterday at Arby's. I wanted to get a GYRO sandwich because of the commercial on tv (I love the voice of the announcer he makes me smile) and I was short .05 cents. Yep I had it in my car, but do you think anyone behind me would give me a nickle? NOPE so I left my money on the counter, and ran to my car park outside the door, grabed a quarter and went back inside had to wait in line again behind 3 people then got up to the register and handed the same young man my quarter. He look at me and said "what you you like today?" I said "I would like my GYRO and here it the nickel I owe you." HE said "Well it comes to $4.28." I said I know I already gave you $4.23 here is a quarter so you owe me money." He looked at me and said "where is the rest of the money?" SERIOUSLY???????? then I started to laugh and told him I already gave him my money please give me my GYRO and my change....if was must have registered.....because he had put MY MONEY in his I got my GYRO an it was yummy. STILL laughing about it. I just might go back and get another one today LOL.


shabby girl said...

Lol! Such a different world, indeed. Happy to see you're out there!

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Lol! Such a different world, indeed. Happy to see you're out there!

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