Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Natalie

I was in labor…in the hospital for 3 days.  The doctor was trying to stop you from coming.  But you wanted to be here.

General Hospital was on the tv in the room and I was hurting.  I remember your daddy holding my hand….we were both so young.

Then they took me into the delivery room.  I wanted to stay and watch General Hospital on the black and white tv but you wouldn’t let me.  That’s ok…even though I was really scared, I was really excited too.

newborn, hours old

At 5 lbs. 2 oz  and 18” you were so tiny and cute.  I didn’t even get to go to my one and only and very first baby shower because you were born 5 weeks early, so the family put a shower together while we stayed in the hospital for 3 days.   I was ok with that….I had a new baby girl, and back then…we didn’t know what we were getting until you were born!



Natalie 2 weeks

You were your daddy’s princes from that very first day!  and still are to this day…



6 months



I guess baby’s eyes were always blue, but yours….were bluer than the ocean…I’m glad they eventually turned green like mine…




Age 2

Everyone always told me how beautiful you were and that you looked like Cindy Brady on the Brady Bunch!  You took forever to grow any hair….I did what I could with it





M&M's 15 months



Some days I couldn’t do a thing with it!…..




age 5 my sweet gir!

gradeschool age...








There were days when you wouldn’t let me do anything with it.  You were very strong willed….and still are……

But those curls….oh how I loved those curls!  Even though you hated them…

You went through lot’s of stages……….we all did…and still do…..

Love the dance!

Love the hair!








Remember the “Glam” shots?  No one could make you more beautiful than you already were, your skin has always been like a porcelain doll..

High school 80's!


Sometimes I wanted to scream when you did your make-up and hair…but it was the 80’s and we got through it…

High school…ah the good ole days!

Just try and remember that when Madi puts a little toooooo much on….hehehe


 all grown up! and BEAUTIFUL!

I remember how you seemed to grow up overnight…and became my friend and not the alien from mars that I thought I had given birth to….with a teenager of your own, I think you know what I mean right?




nat 2010

It seems like forever since I have seen you.  I look at your picture every single day.  I look forward to our phone calls almost every single day.   Last year’s visit seems like forever ago….yes…you are even more beautiful today…



Natalie 40th BD Even though you will turn 40 tomorrow January 29th, you will always be your daddy’s princess……….and my baby girl….always have been, always will be.  Thanks for the picture (above) that you sent me today….you look so happy….

Happy Birthday Natalie

I love you……..

We miss you……….

Can’t wait to see you………

Love always


Your mama…