Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

A plum for you, or maybe two

Innocence pure and sweet

Kissed by the sun, our little ones

You brighten each day with your funny ways

So loved by all are you

Your sweet smiles go on for miles

So endless is your laughter

A plum for you, or maybe two

In a world lived happily after

Our Lollipop and Cowboy

Giggles and kisses galore

A plum for you, or maybe two

Who could ask for more!

A plum day for 2 of my grandchildren.

AmiLynn took these beautiful photos of Lauren and Owen, who are 11 months apart in age, picking plums in her backyard. Ami is on the verge of being a great photographer, she has an eye for it and seems to capture “sweet” moments as they appear. Thank you Ami!