Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving "Beast"

UHHHH did I say it was going to rain?

Well it did and it rained most of the

day on Thursday, so pretty much

the little ones, and big ones

had to stay in, which

in a 2400 sq. ft

house is.......cozy!

T'was the morning of Thanksgiving and all that was heard....

Let's get this day going, Oma I wanna stuff the bird!

the little ones were anxious... with aprons on and such

to get the"Beast" in the oven

a small task with a nice touch...

The Rhodes risen rolls were such a big hit...

that campfire marshmellows on yams, without a pit!

(ya know marshmellows roasting in a fire pit) well.......turn the broiler on

(you'll see what I mean)

got a laugh and had to scrape the yams clean! The fans they were spinning

round.....the doors all wide open, and fire alarm screeching

you would think that I had never cooked a

Thanksgiving turkey (or yams)!

(they were still good!)

Good family and friends shared the Thanksgiving "Beast"

with a little sparkling cider, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, of course jello and ham

I tried to make it easy..............

at least it wasn't "SPAM"!
The big kids played games.....

while other big kids took naps......

then the planning began......for "Black Friday's" big catch...........

Mike and Camille looked the ads over,

who's naughty....who's nice

it was done with much strategy.....not once....but twice

they got up pretty early, got me out of my bed,

I snuggled up with the little ones

and coverd my head.

Then Papa and I took the kids to the park

laughter, and spinning things

climbing ropes

and slides


AND OH WHAT A SRUPRISE! Owen can ride his bike

without training wheels you know he only turned 3 in October,

and with only one or two spills and so............

Then off to the Dairy Queen for a sweet little treat.....
You all can go shopping.....but my day


now Lauren is a Oma's girl she loves to do "make"

yeah, our sweet little princess

looks like she ate cake (hey it rhyms so what do ya expect!)

On Sunday before heading home a stop to see Santa (not shown)

at the Western store, each on top of a saddle

Lil' cowgirls and cowboys

their such a delight

Hurry take one more picture!

Before they drove out of sight!