Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RYAN just thinking….If I were….

(at the park over the Labor Day weekend, I captured my sweet Ryan in deep thought as he lounged in a barrel at the playground for over 15 minutes!)  I love this little guy!

If I were an eagle then I would fly and soar in the sky so high so high…Sept 09-  labor day 110

If I were a monkey swinging in the trees I would jump to the top and sit and eat bananas…

Sept 09-  labor day 112

If I were a frog in a pond, I would sit on a lily pad and catch bugs with my long tongue…

Sept 09-  labor day 113

If I were a giraffe I would stretch my long neck and eat leaves at the top of trees…

Sept 09-  labor day 117

If I were a cloud in the sky I would change shapes as the wind blew me around…

Sept 09-  labor day 119

If I were a lion I would roar big and loud and be the king of the jungle…

Sept 09-  labor day 120

If I were a fish I would swim forever in the ocean and hold my breath because I can…

Sept 09-  labor day 002


I am not an eagleeagle

Or a monkey,monkey

A frog,frog

Or a giraffe,giraff

I am not a cloud,cloud

A lion,lion

Or a fishfish

I am just me….Ryan…the best I can be…Sept 09-  labor day 081