Friday, June 18, 2010

There Heeeeerrrrreeeee! (say it like the poltergeist movie)

Well….there was much anticipation…I could hardly stand it.  I took the day off and we drove the 150 miles to Las Vegas to pick up “the girls”.  It is actually only an hour and a half drive if you don’t hit the Las Vegas traffic.

the girls 001

We arrived early enough for me to sit and people watch for about 30 minutes… there are some interesting people at the Las Vegas airport.



the girls 002


  I forgot to charge my camera battery and I wanted to save my shots for “the girls”



the girls 003

In between each flight landing the escalators are empty.  Then a flight lands and all of a sudden they are full of people…as Natalie texted me that the “EAGLE HAD LANDED” I got a huge lump in my throat as I stood at the bottom of the escalator.  You see, even though I talk to my daughter almost every day…I haven’t see her or “the girls” in a year since their last visit.  I was really excited this time…

the girls 005

Then they came…down a different escalator of course!  and they started running towards me…I didn’t know which one to hug first….”OH MY GOSH” “the girls” are so big!


the girls 006 My “Madi girl” is all grown up… ONE year!  she is in high school now so she is wearing a little eye makeup of course and she has braces now…and her hair is growing out again!  She cut it 2 years ago real short after having waist long hair her whole life…it was a teenager thing to do ya know!

the girls 008


My six year old “Brookie Cookie” is still the clone of her mother and will always be!  Such a cutie pie!  AHHH where does the time go?  She calls me “Mema”.  Madi calls me “Grammy” or “Grams” for short.  It is just these 2 that have a special name for me.


the girls 012

My “Madi girl” has grown, in height.  She is almost as tall as me.  She has legs that don’t stop!  Legs to be envious of….not like me…LOL  it kills me to think of her getting this mature…she is my first grandchild.

the girls 009

and where is a picture of my sweet daughter???well here is the back of her as I try and keep up with them as we leave the luggage pick-up.

I cried when we met, I couldn’t stop hugging her.  I mean…..I just couldn’t!  She means the world to me.  She is so smart and pretty and such a good daughter.

the girls 007

LOL I guess I just was not fast enough with the camera to get her front..anyway she has always hated her picture taken…not like the girls in that way at all…


the girls 011

see  how she turns her face away from the camera….

Well we stopped at “Joe’s Crab Shack” to get some lunch before heading to St. George.  It is a stop we do each time they come to visit.   Funny thing is…we are at a Crab Shack in the middle of the desert!  LOL we laugh about that because the East Cost Crab is much better than desert crab lol!

the girls 010

Papa (Huhoney) was a sport and put the bib on. So far this is the last photo I have taken.  I know I know, what have I been doing since?  Well unfortunately…working.  Yes, going to work.  For now anyway.  Taking 3 weeks off just isn’t an option for me at this time.  But I will be taking some time off soon.  I imagine this weekend “the girls” and I will be busy doing what girls do.  I just need a day to lay out at my pool and catch up with girl talk.

I love my girls. 

Huhoney is doing alright.  He has a procedure scheduled for July 6th to get the  hole in his heart fixed.  There will be a lot going on that week.  Forgive me if I only drop in occasionally.  I think of my village friends often and I feel so blessed to have your prayers continually in our behalf.

I know everything will go well with the procedure.  The clot remains.  There is risk in everything but we are putting our faith in the doctors and trusting they know what is the best thing to do.

For now……my brain is in vacation mode.  Even though I am at work. LOL

Hugs and smiles across the miles……